Olympic Flag Flap: Pics Suggest Athlete’s Outrage Was All For Show

Written by Wes Walker on July 1, 2021

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For all the talk about racial privilege, there sure are a lot of people rushing to cash in their victimhood points. Looks like Gwen Berry was one of them.

It’s one thing for someone to take a bold stand because they have deeply felt conviction about an issue they care greatly about. But making a show of something in public that you don’t seem to believe in private? That kind of shortcut to fame is for losers only.

For someone finishing 3rd place on the podium, it looks like that loser’s shortcut was too big a temptation to resist.

Gwen Berry made a lot of noise recently when she turned her back on the Anthem. She waxed on about how she was deeply pained by that third verse of the anthem, and never felt like the flag really represented her, something along those lines.

Does she even know how many verses there are in that anthem, or who was being derided as the ‘slave’ in that verse? Surely she should never admit the possibility it could refer to the same people Sam Adams condemned with his memorable words, ‘May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen.’ You know, the loyalists who fought with the Redcoats to preserve the British crown?

Nah, surely not that.

She was very upset. She doesn’t much care for the flag or the anthem. Or so she claimed. But did she really mean it? Or did she have an ulterior motive for doing it? Was she auditioning for a different team at that moment… namely, ‘team woke’?

An old photo of hammer thrower Gwen Berry smiling with the U.S. flag has gone viral after she courted controversy on Sunday by turning her back on the Stars and Stripes during Olympic trials.

Berry, 31, is seen in the undated photo – posted to her website in June 2015 – beaming as she holds aloft the flag.

Critics pounced on the image, claiming it showed Berry was a fraud who only staged her protest on Sunday to raise her profile. —DailyMail

Kaepernick knelt and became a multi-millionaire slacktivist hawking shoes made by — wait for it — Chinese Muslim slave labor.

There was that anti-Trump soccer player with the bad haircut, what’s-her-name, wound up on the cover of SI.

Turns out there’s quite a tidy sum to be made by become the woke flavor of the week. And if you’re finishing third place in the hammer throw nationally, you’re really not going to be a household name on your athletic skills alone.

It was low-hanging fruit. And she grabbed for it. And until now, a gaggle of gullible fools bought the act and defended her.

The question is, will that fruit be food or poison for her future? Will it lead to wealth and fame, or disgrace.

Well, with the fact that the website where she had posted this photo has come down, it looks like she’s already in damage control mode.

Good luck cashing in on those sponsorships if it becomes widely known that you are actually fake woke… and for what?

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