PEACE PREZ: New Embassy Opens In Israel As Reminder That Biden Can’t Undo THIS Trump Legacy

Written by Wes Walker on July 15, 2021

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It’s no secret that Biden’s administration is loath to attribute any victory — however small — to Trump without somehow claiming it as a victory for which they were responsible.

For example, when Biden ‘scrapped’ Trump’s ‘Operation Warp Speed’ to roll out an initiative with his administration’s branding, it was pointed out by those who crafted Warp Speed that most of the actual steps in Biden’s supposedly ‘new’ plan were unchanged from the old plan.

As another example, it is reported that Biden’s people don’t even like to refer to the historic peace accords between Israel and her Arab neighbors by the ‘Abraham Accords’ name.

But whatever the current administration may think of it — while their insiders try to rekindle old friendships with Iran — the name has stuck.

We are seeing the first tangible steps of a real, honest-to-God legacy of peace. One for which the previous administration is very unlikely to get any official credit.

What kind of legacy? THIS kind.

The ‘conventional wisdom’ of Democrats and the bureaucratic establishment said agreements like the Abraham Accords could never succeed with the Palestine situation still unresolved. They were wrong.

Israel is increasingly being recognized as a peer in full standing among its neighboring nations.

“This embassy is not just a hub for diplomats, but a base to continue in our new partnership,” UAE Ambassador Mohamed Al Khaja said. “It marks a new paradigm for peace and a model for a new collaborative approach for conflict resolution.”
The UAE and Israel announced they were making peace and normalizing relations last August, in what was called the Abraham Accords, and Bahrain, Sudan and Morocco followed soon after. Israel opened an embassy in Abu Dhabi and a consulate in Dubai last month when Foreign Minister Yair Lapid visited the UAE. —JPost

There is no turning back the clock from that, no matter HOW badly the Charter of Hamas signers wanted to drive Israel into the sea. Here they are as honored guests at the opening of their markets.

Israel exists. It is a nation. It has achieved normalized relationships with its neighbors. How anyone who is unhappy about that reality will respond to that fact is a problem for them to sort out, but no amount of sulking or shouting will wish that reality away.

Meanwhile, among America’s Democratic party? We still have this kind of backward thinking:

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