Texas State Dems Flee Like Cockroaches To DC … Here’s What’s Wrong With That Plan

Written by Wes Walker on July 13, 2021

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Texans should start a petition for the Dems in their state to change their official party color to ‘yellow’.

Their hero, Alinski, is happy to use ridicule and humiliation as a political weapon. Because it works. The Democrats are grandstanding, thinking they can run out the clock in a vote they cannot possibly hope to win.

They know that if they show their faces in their home state, they can be arrested and forcibly dragged to work to do the task they were elected to perform. So elected Dems, knowing they have no hope of winnig a vote they can’t afford to lose, fled the state to DC where they plan to camp out as long as necessary.

[There’s a plot twist coming, having to do with Democrats failing to think this idea through. But let’s look at the stunt itself before we see why it is doomed to fail.]

While they are there, they plan on lobbying their federal counterparts to kill the filibuster. Their rationale: federal Republicans are ‘obstructing’ a vote on election law.

We remind our readers that the precise reason they fled Texas was to prevent the forming of quorum so that they would obstruct a vote they could not win. While away they are arguing against the morality of … filibustering.

Even hapless Fredo Cuomo could spot the flaws in their logic.

It’s enough to make an observer wonder, would the world we all live in be better if only it was inherently painful to maintain such willful stupidity?

Dems apparently think they only have to stall and run out the clock for the 30 days of this ‘special session’.

Governor Abbott sees it differently. He has the power to issue one special session after another until these slackers finally show up to face their responsibilities… and he is willing to use the power to arrest them for that purpose when they do come back to town.

But that’s not the only drama playing out here. Of course not.

Kamala is all in on this stunt. Seeing how good her political judgment has been, that should have been their first red flag.

During an event about voting rights in Detroit, Harris said the Democrats were “showing extraordinary courage and commitment.”

“I applaud them standing for the rights of all Americans and all Texans to express their voice through their vote, unencumbered,” Harris said. “I will say that they are leaders who are marching in the path that so many others before did, when they fought and many died for our right to vote.” Harris added that she believes “fighting for the right to vote is as American as apple pie.” — TexasTribune

It seems like that is an endorsement. But considering this administration’s low opinion of America, calling these people as ‘American as apple pie’ could just as easily be interpreted as an accusation of systemic racism. We’ll leave our readers to puzzle out the complexities of that paradox as we move on…

Here are the truant Democrats pretending this stunt is all about voter rights, and not party politics…

Sefronia Thompson declared that she is not going to be ‘a sitting…’ (gropes for words) in that legislature. She finally decides to complete her idea with the phrase ‘a hostage’.

A hostage. Right. If that’s what you call sitting in a minority party while the other party runs partisan legislation into law, surely she supports the federal filibuster right? Of course not. Because we are dealing with an unserious person. If she is not *interested* in ‘sitting’ in that legislature, she could always give up her seat, could she not?

These guys are VERY super serious though. We can tell.


Turns out their plan wasn’t quite as airtight as they thought it might be.

Yep. These truant Texas Democrats running from a fight they cannot possibly hope to win are demonstrating grit and courage that’s practically the embodiment of the Alamo… at least, they are in their own imaginations.

The voting citizens of Texas may have quite different thoughts on that score.