THE FORGOTTEN VICTIMS: Worldwide Hunger Surges In Response To Global Shutdowns

Written by Wes Walker on July 13, 2021

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Policies of the ‘compassionate’ left are now officially failing … even by the metrics of their own (unearned) moral superiority.

If they thought these lockdown policies would single out ‘uneducated rubes’ in ‘flyover country’ and leave everyone else unscathed, they were badly mistaken.

Between the immunization campaigns and the natural immunity of those who have successfully fought off the virus, our risks of infection are low and getting lower. Even so, we continue to face ‘experts’ cautioning us against reopening because of some new fear or another.

They paint apocalyptic pictures of national relapse and mass shutdowns for a new variant whose lethality is lower than the last one, even if its transmissibility looks like it might be higher. We hear monster-under-the-bed stories of a new strain emerging that will wipe out the benefits of the vaccines and throwing the world back into lockdown.

Of course, more shutdowns will not hurt any of the news dweebs, teachers’ unions, or medical experts who have gone through previous shutdowns without missing out on a single paycheck, some of them, like the news, even made bank in the process.

They didn’t give a moment’s thought to the local businesses, the gyms, barber shops, tattoo parlors, diners, or other mom-and-pop businesses that would be closed down as a result of the severe social disruptions. Some were even thrilled at ‘sticking it to’ the villains in their narratives whose politics they assumed were ‘evil’ and therefore deserved to be punished.

But those weren’t the ONLY victims of their ‘shutting down out of the abundance of caution’ policies, were they? The global poor took an economic beating during this shutdown.

Here’s one of those ‘unintended second-order consequences’ ClashDaily has been urging people to take into consideration from the beginning as we weigh one set of risks against another. Real people are going to pay a price for our panic, real people who were already walking the razor’s edge without any fallback plan. Learning to code just isn’t an option for them. Global Famines Of ‘Biblical Proportions’ Are Unexpected Consequences Of COVID Pandemic

Time has passed, shutdowns around the world have lingered on interminably, and we can now reflect on how accurate those warnings really were.

The United Nations warned on Monday that there has been a “dramatic worsening” during the coronavirus pandemic of the hunger crisis facing the planet. Food shortages exacerbated by COVID-19 and other factors have left about 10% of the world’s population undernourished, according to the 2021 “State of Food Security and Nutrition in the World” report.

…The report breaks the numbers down by region, saying more than half of all undernourished people live in Asia.

“But the sharpest rise in hunger was in Africa, where the estimated prevalence of undernourishment — at 21% of the population — is more than double that of any other region,” the report says. —CBSNews

After months of frothing at the mouth over terms like ‘White Supremacy’ how ironic is it that the COVID lockdowns so widely praised by the left is disproportionately hurting the exact people they claim to care about the most.

But liberals treating vulnerable people as disposable so that they can achieve their political goals is by no means a new phenomenon. We remember this story, don’t we?

Video: Bill Maher Admits He Would Rather See America Suffer Than Trump Succeed

Well, congrats, I guess.

So we were afraid to get the sniffles from a disease whose primary lethal threat was always limited to a few especially vulnerable demographics, and whose lethality is rapidly declining every day.

And for that fright — and the financial and/or political leverage it has provided certain interested parties (remember the determination with which those inexpensive out-of-patent treatments have been resisted) — our ‘betters’ have deliberately or otherwise thrown the public under the bus.

There is still a lot of debate and confusion about the official lethality rate of the virus that was most likely unleashed on us by either the incompetence or the malfeasance of the CCP, for good reason. We are working from an incomplete data set, and that has been compounded by media companies who have been exposed for intentionally ratcheting up public fear for ratings or other unsavory reasons having nothing to do with providing for an informed citizenry.

What we want to know isn’t the case fatality rate: it’s the infection fatality rate

To work out the IFR, we need two numbers: the total number of cases and the total number of deaths.

However, as we explain here, the total number of cases of COVID-19 is not known. That’s partly because not everyone with COVID-19 is tested.8,9

We may be able to estimate the total number of cases and use it to calculate the IFR – and researchers do this. But the total number of cases is not known, so the IFR cannot be accurately calculated. And, despite what some media reports imply, the CFR is not the same as – or, probably, even similar to – the IFR. Next, we’ll discuss why. —OurWorldInData

The leftists who salivate over the idea of a ‘degrowth’ movement hoping to take America down a peg or two need to think this plan through. If America crumbles, America stops buying.

If America stops buying, everyone whose quality of life has been elevated through their trade to America takes that hit too. Stories like this about suffering in Africa and Asia are just a taste of what could follow.

Contrast all of that to the headline we ran not long before the virus had caught the notice of most people.

Cancel The Apocalypse Party: This Was The BEST Decade In Human History — Here’s Why

Here’s just one paragraph to give a taste of the story.

Let nobody tell you that the second decade of the 21st century has been a bad time. We are living through the greatest improvement in human living standards in history. Extreme poverty has fallen below 10 percent of the world’s population for the first time. It was 60 percent when I was born. Global inequality has been plunging as Africa and Asia experience faster economic growth than Europe and North America; child mortality has fallen to record low levels; famine virtually went extinct; malaria, polio and heart disease are all in decline.

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