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Allen West Calls For Firing Of Dallas DWI Unit Officer Who Wrongfully Arrested His Wife

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Texas Gubernatorial candidate, Lt. Col. Allen West, is still “beyond livid” about the treatment of his wife and newborn grandson by a Dallas Police officer.

ClashDaily reported on Sunday that the Corporate Media was reveling over the news that West’s wife, Angela Graham-West, was arrested for an alleged DWI with their 3-month old grandson in the backseat of the car.

West quite literally provided the receipt showing that his wife didn’t have a drop of alcohol at dinner, and her dinner companions confirmed that.

WATCH: Allen West ‘Beyond Livid’ After Wife’s Bizarre DWI Arrest — He Brings The Receipts (Literally)

Included in the above article wasn’t just the atrocious treatment of Graham-West, but that the Dallas P.D. didn’t wait until a family member could arrive on the scene to care for baby Jaxton before taking Graham-West into custody. Instead, the newborn was left strapped in his carseat in the vehicle on the side of the road and under the supervision of two Dallas Police officers.

In a video posted to Instagram on Saturday, West said, “This is crap,” of the officers leaving Jaxton on the side of the road until his daughter arrived to pick him up. “I support the thin blue line, but this is insidious.”

Is this the way that Dallas P.D. handles alleged traffic violations when young children are in the car?

If it is, it’s shameful.

West has said that the Dallas PD chief, the Mayor, and the Dallas DA should “come to my house and publicly apologize” to the family. He added, “If they don’t happen, I’ll end up becoming your worst nightmare.”

West posted a photo on Instagram of his 3-month old grandson Jaxton so the Dallas P.D. to see who it was they left on the side of the road waiting for a family member to arrive.

He also called for the officer involved to be fired.

West wrote, “I just want @dallaspd Chief #EddieGarcia to see a picture of our three month old grandson, Jaxton Bernard. He was the one left restrained in a car parked off the side of the road by Ofc L. Harris, badge number #11792 in the rush to wrongfully arrest my wife.” West added, “Chief Garcia, if you don’t terminate Ofc. Harris, then you must obviously condone this abhorrent behavior.”

That is a very small, innocent child and it’s unbelievable that the Dallas Police Department would think it’s okay to leave an infant in a carseat on the side of the road while taking away their grandparent for what appears to be a bogus DWI.

West is right, it’s insidious.

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