LMAO: CNN Blasted On Twitter For Calling Joe Biden The ‘Still-New’ President

Written by K. Walker on August 19, 2021

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The Partisan Presstitutes must be really upset that the guy that is entering his 6th decade in public office isn’t doing as well as the guy whose first elected office was President of the United States.

In a tweet that is getting all sorts of retweets by right-wing Twitter, CNN is trying to excuse the Biden-Harris administration’s stunning incompetence and abject failure in the Afghanistan pull-out as being a result of a novice President.

Joe Biden was Vice President for 8 years and a Senator for 36 years before that…

How much of a learning curve does he need?!

Being an elected official is pretty much the only job he’s ever held for any length of time.

After earning his law degree in 1968, he practiced law for a couple of years. He then decided to try to really belly-up to the public trough (he worked as a public defender, so he got a taste of it there) and was elected to the Delaware County Council. He stayed there for a couple of years and then ran for U.S. Senate with the big money, prestige, and, (most importantly,) influence.

Joe Biden became a Senator in 1973 when he was 29 years old. He then sat there beclowning himself for 36 years until he became the assassination insurance running mate for the Junior Senator from Illinois, Barack Obama. Joe then went on to become Vice President of the United States and despite the “gaffes” and obvious ineptitude, he served for two terms.

After the death of his beloved son and heir-apparent, Beau, Joe took a break from politics. It was during this time that his troubled, degenerate son, Hunter, with the blessing from “The Big Guy” tried to get the Biden Family Influence Peddling Machine running. With Joe in retirement, however, there was not much influence to peddle. After the extremely unlikeable Hillary Clinton had taken her shot in 2016, the path was clear for Joe to run in 2020.

He schmoozed his way to the nomination with a backroom deal with several other candidates, and a big endorsement by Rep. Jim Clyburn (D-SC), and by appearing as a “moderate” face of the Democratic Party.

The pandemic hit, and it gave Joe an opportunity to make his pitch to continue to fail upward.

He ran on a platform of a “return to normalcy” and that the “adults” would be back in charge.

He touted his foreign policy experience and that he was Obama’s Second In Command. He had experience oozing from his very pores. He was a much better choice than the incompetent Bad Orange Man who had just secured multiple Middle East peace treaties. We know this because the Very Smart People on CNN told us it was true.

But now CNN is trying to project that he’s some sort of novice when it comes to governance?

The article itself isn’t very flattering to Biden, but it (of course) takes some nasty swipes at his predecessor.

Visiting Brussels earlier this summer, President Joe Biden was single-minded in his message to American allies.

“America is back,” he declared in the lobby of the European Union’s headquarters, repeating a mantra he had uttered at nearly every stop of his first trip abroad, during which leaders welcomed him as a salve to four years of Trump-era angst.

“It’s overwhelmingly in the interest of the United States of America to have a great relationship with NATO and with the EU,” Biden said. “I have a very different view than my predecessor did.”

Two months later, the same group of allies is now wondering what happened to that Joe Biden. The humiliating end to the war in Afghanistan has fanned lingering concerns over an “America First” foreign policy that some allies fear did not completely disappear with former President Donald Trump. And the chaotic fall of Kabul, which caught American officials off-guard and prompted a major scramble by the US and other countries to evacuate diplomats and Afghans who assisted the war efforts, badly undercut Biden’s promise to restore competence to American foreign relations.

The Taliban takeover has led to an uncertain fate for Afghan women and girls, leading to doubts over Biden’s repeated insistence — including this week — that human rights will be at the “center of our foreign policy.”

Man, it’s gotta hurt to have your cheerleaders turn against you like that. (It should be noted that one of the authors of the piece is Kaitlan Collins who Biden has snapped at in the past.)

Indeed, it’s so bad that they accuse Joe of “realpolitik” — by this, they’re implying that Joe is saying he’ll stand with allies while engaging in shameless nationalism when their back is turned. Isn’t this precisely what they vilified the Bad Orange Man for doing?

The messy crisis in Afghanistan has taught both Americans and leaders in foreign capitals some new things about the still-new president, whose four decades in public life had lent him an air of familiarity. Some of his most marked political characteristics, like empathy and optimism, have been replaced by a colder realpolitik. His promise of restoring competence to government has been undercut by scenes of chaos and confident predictions that turned out to be wrong.

“It’s a lack of communications, of honesty, with the American people and with allies around the world who are deeply disappointed with a Biden administration that they felt would be much more multilateral, especially on an issue where the allies have been fighting with the Americans for 20 years now,” said Ian Bremmer, director of the Eurasia Group. “The decision on how and when to leave was made unilaterally by the Americans, and that’s not the way you treat your allies, frankly.”
Source: CNN

Well, it’s nice that CNN is admitting that the Biden-Harris administration is filled with chaos and dishonesty and that the admin is fine with tossing allies under the bus when it’s convenient to do so.

But it’s still inexcusable to frame Joe as “still-new” considering his more than 40 years of experience in governance.

Right-wing Twitter was NOT having it.

CNN was slammed in both quote tweets and replies.

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