ARIZONA AUDIT: Maricopa Could Pay HUGE Price For Defying Election 2020 Subpoena… In Their Wallet

Written by Wes Walker on August 27, 2021

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The AZ State Senate has given Maricopa county a subpoena. It was a subpoena that held up in court… but Maricopa STILL refuses to comply so that the election audit can be completed.

So, does that mean we end in a stalemate? Nope. The State Senate still has cards they can play for those who won’t comply.

Maricopa County is breaking the law by refusing to provide the materials demanded by the state Senate, Attorney General Mark Brnovich concluded Thursday.

In a formal finding, Brnovich says that the county is required to comply with Senate subpoenas to provide its routers, which direct computer traffic among computers.

Brnovich said the county also broke the law by failing to provide user names, passwords, PINS and security keys or token to gain access to the tabulation devices used in the 2020 general election. — Tucson

Those of us who have watched so much political chicanery over the years might read that with a dose of skepticism. Yeah. So…?

Now what? Does that ruling have any actual teeth by which it can punish lawbreaking done by a politician, or is this just another one of those ‘easier to ask forgiveness than permission’ situations where you do something you know you can’t do — only to deal with the consequences afterward?

Well, this infraction has teeth it can bare against violators, alright. And it speaks in a language they will be sure to understand.

The attorney general’s conclusion is more than an academic exercise: Under Arizona law, his finding that the county government has violated state law means it can lose its allocation of state shared revenues — more than $676 million this budget year — if it does not come into compliance by Sept. 27.

And that amounts to close to a quarter of the county’s total operating budget.

“At the end of the day, the supervisors may not like the audit,” Brnovich press aide Katie Conner said. “But they don’t get to pick and choose which Senate subpoenas they want to comply with.” — Tucson

Millions. Billions. Trillions. We are so awash in money these days it can be easy to get lost in the spreadsheets. How meaningful is that number to Maricopa’s bottom line?

In his ruling shared with Secrets, Brnovich said, “Maricopa County Board of Supervisors is in violation of state law for failing to comply with the Arizona Senate’s legislative subpoena related to the 2020 election audit. If MCBOS does not change course, the AGO will notify the Arizona Treasurer to withhold Maricopa County’s state-shared funds as required under the law.”

According to county and state estimates, the state provides about $700 million a year to the county, over a quarter of its $2.7 billion budget. — WashingtonExaminer

Do as the law requires, or lose 25% of your budget?

That’s sure to get someone’s attention.

What do they want more — to keep the particulars of what really happened in 2020 shrouded in secrecy? Or the money they need to feed the government beast?

Good to see the Senate isn’t backing down. Your move, Maricopa. Or do you have something you’re trying to hide?

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