Obama Continues His Birthday Celebrations For A THIRD Day — Sunday Brunch With Oprah

Written by K. Walker on August 9, 2021

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Did you have a lavish three-day party with hundreds of guests for your birthday in the midst of a pandemic? No? Then you’re not Barack Obama.

This is a classic case of “Rules for thee, but not for me.”

The former President’s multi-day birthday celebration began with golf on Friday with 20 of his “close friends” including actor Don Cheadle, where Barry reportedly awkwardly ran into a disinvited guest — House Speaker Nancy Pelosi(D-CA) who was dining with Oprah at the same fancy-schmancy private club.

Later that evening, there was a pre-party cocktail party in Obama’s honor at a swanky Martha’s Vineyard resort without a mask in sight.

On Saturday, an allegedly “scaled-down” event still featured a guest list of what appeared to be hundreds in large tents partying late into the night — again sans mask.

WATCH: Maskless Obama Dances With Celebrities And Hugs Guests At His ‘Scaled Back’ Birthday Extravaganza

But it was just family and close friends, right?

It appears that some of those “disinvited guests” were still able to spend some time with the Birthday Boy on Sunday.

Barack Obama’s birthday celebrations continued for a third day on Sunday, with the former president enjoying brunch at a seafront restaurant in Martha’s Vineyard.

In a sky blue linen shirt and sunglasses, the birthday boy capped off a weekend packed with parties.

He and his guests dined beneath a specially-erected marquee, set beside the water.
Source: Daily Mail

Oprah, who was permitted to bow out of the big bash citing concern over the spread of the Delta Variant, was able to spend some time celebrating Obama’s 60th birthday. How nice for them.

What did you do for your birthday? Three days of celebration with hundreds of friends? No? Heck, in most places kids couldn’t go to Chuck E. Cheese without capacity limits, masks, and social distancing. In other places, there were restrictions on gatherings in private residences. But this guy, well, he’s just more important than you.

According to TMZ, “Although the Obamas are loved by many on Martha’s Vineyard, some residents are angry that their Island has been upended by the party. They say Secret Service has been ordering people around and blocking roads. They’re also concerned about the Delta variant … which has become an issue in Massachusetts as well as everywhere else in the country.”

Meanwhile, the Corporate Media has dismissed this as a “superspreader event” because it’s Barry — and they looove Barry!

Annie Karni, the White House Correspondent for the New York Times, told CNN’s Glory Boy Jim Acosta that it’s not a big deal that Obama still had a large, birthday weekend with some “close” friends and celebrities because it’s a “sophisticated, vaccinated crowd.” Besides, the plebs go to sporting events, and, really, that’s so much worse.

They’re “sophisticated” so the Delta Variant knows not to touch them, apparently. It would be interesting to learn how SARS-CoV-2 has managed to determine fame, net worth, blue-check Twitter status, and political affiliation before infecting the “wrong” people, wouldn’t it? We are reliably told by the Corporate Media that this virus is specifically targeting the slack-jawed, vaccine-hesitant, white Trump supporters in rural areas. But they wouldn’t be dishonest with us, would they?

Oh, and about the “scaling back” the big, Saturday night party… that was just temporary.

Karni also tweeted this gem — the “disinvited” are being “reinvited” and there are hurt feelings. Oh, you don’t say?

Narcissistic celebs flock to Martha’s Vineyard to party with one of the most popular and powerful individuals on the planet just to learn that they didn’t make the cut like the rest of the commoners? Damn straight their feelings are going to be hurt!

Getting turned away at the gate is just embarrassing.

An Uber driver told the Daily Mail about an incident where a couple “dressed to the nines” was turned away by the Secret Service because they were cut from the final guest list.

He picked them up early Saturday evening from Winnetu Oceanside Resort, where Obama attended a pre-game party the previous night.

‘They were dressed to the nines. He was wearing a black suit and tie; she was wearing a luxurious evening gown,’ the driver said.

‘They were on the original list but not on the reduced list.’

The couple, who’d been invited through a high-level political connection, got past a first checkpoint after presenting their original invite, then were blocked by the second set of guards.

‘They thought they were all set when they got past the first point,’ the driver said.

‘Then the second set of guards asked again for their credentials. They were embarrassed. They were looking forward to the party. It was a big disappointment. But they understood the security protocol.’
Source: Daily Mail

From what we are being told in the Corporate Media, this party could seed cases all over the United States.

Saint Fauci says that it’s not the time to “act like nothing’s going on.” He was referring to the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally — which, admittedly is expecting a massive number of people this year — but made no mention of Lollapalooza in Chicago or Barry’s Three-Day Birthday Bash.

So, if people start testing positive for COVID after this big birthday weekend, can we call it the “Obama Variant” instead of the Delta?

And when is it precisely that we can return to normal? Do the experts have any metrics on that? If they’re looking for “Zero COVID” then we’re all screwed, and you’d better brace yourself for more restrictions and lockdowns.

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