WATCH: Clapton’s Latest Video Is Gonna Make Some Authoritarians Very Angry

Written by Wes Walker on August 30, 2021

Clapton’s song is a refreshing reminder that rockers USED to be known for raging against the machine, instead of being cogs in a machine against the rage.

The song is elegant in it’s simplicity. It hits a big issue head-on — but it does so with an upbeat, optimistic tune. It uses a light touch in Clapton’s signature style.

Simply put, ‘This has gotta stop. Enough is enough, (he) can’t take this bs any longer.’  He goes on … ‘If you wanna claim my soul, you’re gonna have to break down my door.’

He’s telling his story — which is all of our story.

He’s just a good guy living his life, trying to do the right thing, and

Some of the themes here are unmistakable.

People are ‘laying down the law’.

He is ‘used to being free’. He knows who he is, he tries to do what’s right so lock him up, and throw away the key.

Sounds like someone is sick of the heavy hand of government overreach using a virus as a pretext to control us.

He’s not alone.

Meanwhile, Joe’s off in his own little world…

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