AWKARD: AOC Went To The Met Gala With Her ‘Immigrant’ Dress Designer And Her Billionaire Heir Boyfriend

Written by K. Walker on September 18, 2021

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Wouldn’t you LOVE to know what the billionaire heir of Seagram’s thinks of the “Tax the Rich” dress designed by his girlfriend?

I sure would.

Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) has been pretty clear that she’s not a fan of billionaires.

AOC wants to “abolish” billionaires.

That’s why it’s so strange that when the same AOC who wrote those tweets wore a $1 million dress to the $35,000 per ticket Met Gala palling around with the heir to Seagram’s and his rising star fashion designer/activist girlfriend whose net worth is estimated to be over $2 million.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez attended the Met Gala on Monday night in what she claimed was a political protest against the wealthy guests whose dime she dined out on after being invited as a guest of the Metropolitan Museum.

And while she walked the red carpet with Aurora James, the designer behind her ‘tax the rich’ dress, the pair were seen leaving the event with their respective other halves.

AOC’s boyfriend, Riley Roberts, was beaming as he escorted her down the famous carpeted steps, adorned in a blue tuxedo.

Less cheery was James’ boyfriend, Benjamin Bronfman, whose legacy family created Seagram’s, once the world’s largest alcoholic beverage company.

Source: Daily Mail

If Bronfman’s name sounds familiar, it’s because his father’s sister, Clare Bronfman, is currently serving 81 months in prison in connection to the abusive NXIVM sex cult led by Kenneth Raniere.

As for her “immigrant” designer, Aurora James… she’s an immigrant from Canada.

AOC was clearly having a blast hobnobbing with the rich and famous with her slogan on a custom-made dress valued at $1 million.

Here she is talking about the “message” of her dress:

Clearly, she loves the attention from the fawning press almost as much as the ability to rub elbows with celebrities.

Here’s AOC fangirling over British actress Gemma Chan and designer Prabal Gurung.

It’s blatant hypocrisy, and we all know it, but she’s desperately trying to play it off as a message.

The “medium is the message” says maskless AOC while a mask-wearing James adjusts the dress.

Is that true? If it is, then AOC is broadcasting loud and clear that she wants to be one of those champagne socialists.

Here is AOC leaving The Carlyle hotel on the Upper East Side — where rooms are more than $1,000 per night — where she got ready for the Gala.

Notice how she’s waving maskless to her adoring fans while “the help” is masked and holding up the train of her dress so it doesn’t get dirty.

Amid the screaming of fans and the flashes going off, AOC smiles, waves and gets into her chauffeur-driven luxury ride while a masked “servant” ensures that her dress isn’t soiled by the dirty New York streets.

“Rules for thee, but not for me!”

You just know the driver is wearing a mask.

It’s hilarious that AOC is insisting that she’s sticking to her principles by wearing a dress with her political slogan on it as though it actually means anything. She’s also clearly starry-eyed and overwhelmed with being able to attend with all of the Very Important (and very rich) People that share her political leanings.

She doesn’t seem to realize that while she cosplays as some sort of revolutionary, most of the major corporations, media, big tech, and celebrities agree with her.

And she’s also saying that it’s all just fine because she didn’t shell out of her own pocket, nor did the taxpayer. She was “loaned” the dress, the jewelry, and even her shoes.

In case you were wonder, no, none of it came from Target.

Aside from her lavish, custom-made gown designed by Aurora James – worth hundreds of thousands of dollars and apparently worthy of a landslide of headlines with it’s ‘Tax the Rich’ slogan, the socialist Cinderella also wore multiple pieces from fine jewelry brand Mejuri.

The minimalistic, 14-karat gold hoop earrings from the brand are valued at $450, according to the designer’s website. The matching ring from the brand’s Dome collection is worth $65.

The Democratic congresswoman and Squad member also accessorized with a purse designed by James, the founder of fashion line Brother Vellies, which drove the message home with a smaller ‘Tax the Rich’ slogan in white letters on red.

AOC’s open-toed red shoes with long up-the-leg laces, square toes and bright flowers along their heels, adorned with long laces and bright flowers along their heels, completed her head-to-toe Brother Vellies ensemble – according to the brand’s website, they are valued around $614.
Source: Daily Mail

Of course.

There has been an ethics complaint filed against her for accepting the tickets, and although no laws have been passed with AOC as the sponsor, she is an inspiration to many… sometimes in ways that she couldn’t have ever imagined.

For example, Rep. Michelle Steel (R-CA), a freshman Congresswoman, was inspired by AOC’s trip to the Met Gala to introduce the “Greater Accountability from Lawmakers for Americans Act” — also known as the GALA Act — in order to increase “transparency and accountability” in government. The new law would require members to explain how their attendance at an event pertains to their official duties.

Now that seems like a good idea, don’t you think? Maybe we can end this bizarre situation where the rich and powerful can buy access to politicians while you wait on hold when you call the constituency office.

For the past few days, she’s been defending her attendance at the Met Gala.

We can see right through AOC. She LOVED the limelight and the fawning.

Just look at her reaction when she was stopped by the press on her way in.

Ever the politician, she always wants her face visible when the slogan is photographed.

While AOC is lapping up both the criticism from the right and the praise she received from the fangirling press for her “bravery” in wearing “Tax the Rich” emblazoned in red on her ass at the world’s most lavish Gala, some on the left weren’t impressed.

Briahna Gray, the former national press secretary for Senator Bernie Sanders’s 2020 campaign and the co-host of the “Bad Faith” podcast, said that Ms. Ocasio-Cortez is “held to a unique standard exactly because people expect more of her.” She said some of the progressive backlash to the dress grew out of a more general disappointment with some of her policy stances.

“People are disappointed in her behavior outside of this context, and this seems to be reflective of a lack of commitment that has been demonstrated in a purely political context,” Ms. Gray said…

… Ms. Ocasio-Cortez is viewed as a purported outsider in Congress, Ms. Gray said, but is “not really doing the kinds of things that could actually attract real backlash and struggle that some people anticipated she would, given how she styled herself coming in.” The image of her “rubbing elbows with those people” on Monday night irked some on the left, she said.

The slogan on the dress was a problem, too, according to Ms. Gray — not because it was too radical but because it was too anodyne; according to a Reuters/Ipsos poll from 2020, a majority of American voters support a wealth tax on the very rich.

“If she had chosen to highlight a message that wasn’t already so broadly well received, then her act would have been seen as more subversive, as opposed to pageantry comparable to Cara Delevingne’s ‘Peg the Patriarchy’ shirt,” Ms. Gray said — another Met Gala outfit that attracted attention for the message it bore.
Source: New York Times

The slogan was “too anodyne” according to Briahna Gray. In other words, she’s boring.

It’s true. AOC has become boring and predictable. She just hasn’t realized it yet.

Neither have all of her new friends at the Met Gala.

AOC can’t recognize that she’s become what she claims to rail against.

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