Famous Dissenting Scientist Blasts Logic Behind Vax Passport Policy

Written by Wes Walker on September 13, 2021

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There are plenty of online cranks who fling medical opinions on the internet. But this guy? He has a solid claim to credibility.

But there are dissenting opinions out there, however loudly criticized, that have just as much claim on being experts in their fields as the official consensus our government reps trot out to justify policies, even when those policies have obvious political influences in play.

The man who wrote what will follow has had his story featured in Forbes. When Pfizer was shutting down the department he was working in, he made a bold play to use what was there to open a new start-up, and leverage it into a multi-billion dollar enterprise.

This is what happened to Dr. Mike Yeadon, a 17-year Pfizer veteran at Pfizer’s R&D unit in Sandwich, England. Mike was told in the fall of 2010 that Pfizer was closing the Allergy & Respiratory Diseases programs and his own role as the CSO of this group was being eliminated.

…Mike and his team pulled off an amazing feat. They had a strong belief that the drugs that emanated from their Pfizer research work had value. But, converting that belief into reality was difficult. “The intensity of effort took me away almost completely from my family and other interests for almost five years and you get only one life.” Yet their belief was well-founded and their hard work was recognized with great success. Someday millions of eczema patients will be thankful for their efforts. —Forbes

As a dissenting view to the COVID orthodoxy, he has had plenty of scorn heaped upon him, and plenty of online articles give their reasons to dismiss or demonize him. The text in bold below is the alarm bell Yeadon has been ringing.

Before you accept at face value the claims that he is an ‘anti-vaxxer’, you might want to check out the first couple of minutes of the video where he explains, in his own words how firmly he is in favor of MOST new vaccines, companies, and treatments under MOST circumstances, and what makes him believe that the vaccines our governments have been pushing so aggressively fall into an entirely different category than those safe medicines and treatments.

As always, we leave our readers to draw their own conclusions about who and what they should believe.

Former Pfizer VP and Chief Scientist, Dr. Michael Yeadon, Gives a Final Warning about the Experimental Covid Gene Modification Injection

Read and Heed This Warning! Your Life and Your Loved Ones’ Lives Depend upon It.

l was aware that the Covid crisis was a cover for totalitarian tyranny, but I assumed the risk, benefit of the injection was positive in the most vulnerable people, as did Dr. Peter McCullough.

As time passed and the shocking numbers of deaths and injuries in VAERS were revealed, we both moved to the position of implacable opposition to the experimental Covid shot.

Worse than the adverse events risk, is that they are being used to bring in the utterly dystopian “vaccine” passports database.

YOU MUST RESIST THIS. It will be quite impossible to reverse it once it’s up and running.

No amount of protest, even civil war will undo it. Why? Because you’ll need a valid VaxPass to feed your family.

So a country in which VaxPass is in force and being used even for a short time is completely lost.

In his book, “Brave New World,” Aldous Huxley wrote that unlike the tyranny of men and politics, a scientific tyranny has no natural end. It will never end.

After its introduction, scientific tyranny will be used to regulate access to all goods and services, food, money, medicine, and transportation.

This will be used to force child and even baby vaccinations.

Next: there is no justification for “booster vaccination”. None whatsoever. As an immunologist the grounds they give you are lies.

For this reason, I concluded some time ago that the overall objective is depopulation and the tools to accomplish this are the experimental Covid shots and the booster injections.

Delayed injuries from the experimental jab and media propaganda scare stories about variant viruses and the severe illnesses and deaths caused by them in the community will continue to breed fear and mass hysteria.

This will provide “plausible deniability” for the emergency Covid vaccine as the cause of the massive waves of deaths occurring across the world. This was mentioned by Col. Robert Kadlec many years ago in one of the many tabletop simulations that the U.S. ran from 1993, culminating in Event 201.

The obvious conclusion is that this is not solely a Chinese initiative, but a global one, in which the Chinese played the key role, producing the spike protein as the bioweapon at the Wuhan Lab, but the main drivers of the New World Order and the “Great Reset” are the English speaking countries, the U.S., United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, as well as the European Union.

Be warned! The horizon contains the imminent VaxPass mandate. You must resist it!

Dr. Michael Yeadon

This one-hour video expands on his particular concerns, explaining his credentials, his history, his stance in favor of vaccines and new medications whose safety profile meets human-use standards. His concern is for those medical technologies whose claims to safety are NOT well-grounded.

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