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HEY JOE: This Michigan Hospital Understands ‘Science’ … Someone Show Fauci!

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On one of his (endless) television appearances, the prevaricating authoritarian smurf sputtered and stalled when asked a question on this very topic. A Michigan health center? Not so much.

The question was a simple one.

The entire rationale behind vaccines is very basic. If we can activate our immune system so that it can recognize an illness before we get it, we will not become seriously ill even when exposed to the illness itself.

That raises an obvious objection.

If someone already HAS an immune system that has been activated so that it can recognize the virus through the ordinary way such immunity has been acquired throughout human history, namely surviving a brush with the illness, why would we possibly need to inject ourselves with a lookalike version of the illness to ‘activate’ our immune system?

It’s a little like turning the key in a car that’s already running, isn’t it?

Michigan-based Spectrum Health has come to exactly that conclusion.

“While we still recommend vaccination for people with prior COVID-19 infection, according to this new research, there is increasing evidence that natural infection affords protection from COVID-19 reinfection and severe symptoms for a period of time,” Spectrum said in a statement, according to local media. “Current studies are not clear on how long natural immunity protects from reinfection.”

Under the hospital policy, workers will have to submit to an antibody test to prove they’re immune.

…Researchers in Israel found that previous infection has provided better protection to individuals against the Delta variant than the Pfizer mRNA vaccine.

“This analysis demonstrated that natural immunity affords longer-lasting and stronger protection against infection, symptomatic disease, and hospitalization due to the Delta variant,” researchers from Maccabi Healthcare and Tel Aviv University said.-TheEpochTimes

Here’s how Fauci fumbled that same question over the weekend…

“I don’t have a really firm answer for you on that,” Fauci responded to a question about whether individuals who were previously infected should get the vaccine.

“That’s something that we’re going to have to discuss regarding the durability of the response. … –TheEpochTimes

Maybe you should figure out the answers to some of these questions so obvious that even a layman can articulate them BEFORE making a massive campaign of bringing government weight to bear in ordering strangers to comply and inject themselves with endless rounds of vaccines and boosters while you get around to wrapping your head around the issue.

We’ve already seen some of the TV personalities who have been pushing this agenda pull the parachute and land themselves nice jobs in companies who have profited handsomely from the pandemic restrictions.

In case you haven’t figured it out, that is NOT the best path to inspiring confidence.

It makes it look like you have an agenda.

And considering that the people you are trying to persuade still remember the Tuskegee experiments…? When it comes to building credibility, it is always a bad idea to make it look like you have some private agenda that conflicts with your official one.

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Wes Walker

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