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How Bad Is The COVID Rate In ‘Unaccompanied Minor’ Shelters In Texas? Here Are The Numbers

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The left looks for every opportunity they can to use COVID stats to paint red states as ‘irresponsible’. They conveniently ignore the facts that point responsibility in their own direction.

Joe and Kamala pretend to be very concerned about COVID. They want mandates. They want restrictions. When De Santis makes a State-wide rule forbidding mask mandates they don’t like, they look for ways to countermand it.

They are desperate to take power in areas where the Constitution has not granted them any. But when using their authority conflicts with their agenda, suddenly they have better things to do.

When whistleblowers called our attention to COVID cases pouring into the country over the border, playing a part in super-spreading the virus, Joe, Kamala, and their media lapdogs had nothing to say about it. Instead of locking down the border, they locked down access to the facilities where all kinds of overcrowding, problems, and abuse were being reported.

After all, so long as the news isn’t reporting it, they don’t have to worry about being held accountable for it, right?

But Judicial Watch is still holding this administration’s feet to the fire and got their hands on some relevant data. It’s the kind of Data COVIDictators should be made to answer for.

If COVID is a problem, why is this administration not behind held accountable for risking lives?

If this situation is NOT a big deal, on what possible grounds do they insist they have the right to play petty dictator on how the rest of us live our lives.

Here is the data in their story:

Weeks after government whistleblowers exposed “widespread” COVID-19 infections at a major shelter housing illegal immigrant youths, a Texas county reports a startling 107% increase in cases among underage migrants in facilities within its boundaries. The government classifies the young migrants as Unaccompanied Alien Children (UAC) and the U.S. is currently caring for about 14,319, according to figures provided by the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), the agency in charge of the madness. American taxpayers provide the illegal immigrants with a variety of costly services, including a classroom education, mental and medical health services, and an array of recreation activities.

Government shelters across the nation are overcrowded because the number of UAC has increased dramatically in the last few months. Nearly half (46%) are from Guatemala, government figures show, with 25% from Honduras, 14% from El Salvador and 8% classified as “other.” The overwhelming majority (72%) are over 14 years old and 68% are boys. Reports indicate that COVID-19—and probably other ailments—is rampant among this impoverished population, which arrives at the U.S. border with an unknown health history in the middle of a global pandemic. For a Texas county near the Mexican border, it has become a serious problem. Officials in Cameron County, with a population of around 423,000, release weekly Covid-19 statistics on their government website and the numbers are scary. The figures include the county’s general population broken down by city, gender, and age. They also include infections among UAC and the adults that care for them.

In the latest breakdown, the county figures reveal that the number of UAC in area detention centers and shelters infected with COVID-19 rose 107% in less than a week. An online publication dedicated to covering the U.S.-Mexico border reported the story this week based on the latest distressing health stats posted on the Cameron County website. The figures show that just a few days ago the county had only 28 COVID-19 cases among UAC and this week there are 58. The UAC infections constitute about 20% of the 300 new COVID-19 infections reported in the county in a period of just three days. The records show that all but two of the infected UAC were between the age of 10 and 19. HHS evidently did not return the media outlet’s calls requesting information on the facilities where the UAC are being held and what precautions, if any, are being taken to stop COVID-19 from spreading further. —JudicialWatch

So which is it, Joe and Kamala?

Is COVID a big deal or not?

If ‘yes’, what are you going to do about the super-spreader event your policies are perpetuating on the border?

If ‘no’, on what authority do you insist on micromanaging a free people?

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