IS THIS RACIST? White Lib In Gorilla Mask Attacks Larry Elder (VIDEO)

Written by Wes Walker on September 9, 2021

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Like it or not, because of America’s sensitive history on race, some statements are simply not tolerated in polite society.

Roseanne Barr lost her career for a careless comparison of someone’s haircut to a character on Planet Of The Apes. When a hockey fan threw a banana onto the ice to taunt a player, it was treated as a serious racial incident that played out for days.

But such protections only extend to people that are extended the ‘courtesy’ of being treated as though they are fully human. In today’s partisan war, playing for the wrong political team is enough to be disqualifying… at least in some circles.

When someone like Larry Elder shows up on the scene to mess with people’s assumptions, such social conventions of basic decency quickly melt away. We have already seen major media outlets get away with calling Larry Elder the ‘black face of white supremacy.

Now we have some lib in a gorilla mask chucking an egg at Larry Elder and taking a swing at someone in his team.

If libs thought Larry Elder was a man deserving of the same dignity as black people on their own team, they would have come out to denounce not just the chick in the mask, but the paper that denounced him as the ‘black face of white supremacy’.

But they didn’t. Because someone who isn’t on their political team doesn’t get the courtesy of being treated as they are fully human.

What fraction of human would they see him as to treat him with basic decency? Half? Three quarters? Three-fifths? Because whatever their current view of him is, it must be less than that.

We notice, however, that Elder kept his head through it all.

And we respect him for it.

Right-wing Twitter was calling out Corporate Media for its hypocrisy and stood by Elder.