OOPS: Chief Of Staff Tips Hand On REAL Purpose Of Biden’s Lawless Vax Mandate

Written by Wes Walker on September 10, 2021

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Not long ago, even the Democrats acknowledged that the Federal Government lacked the authority to force a vaccine mandate down the throats (or into the arms) of free American citizens.

But it didn’t take Biden long to officially embrace his inner authoritarian.

There were signs of his preference for ruling as a king rather than leading as President from day one. That stack of Executive Orders might have been a clue.

Not convinced? How about his open borders policy, or his refusal to prosecute left-wing rioters while throwing the book at political rivals?

Need more? SCOTUS gave instructions that the Eviction Moratorium was unconstitutional, but he went ahead and did it anyway. That’s right, he blew off SCOTUS and did the opposite. Why? Because nobody could (or would) stop him from doing so.

Now he has his ‘righteous cause’ in which to take control.

Should this surprise us? Their party has a basic belief in the right of an all-powerful government to exert its dominance over the population. Joe wants fear to do the job he is unable to use persuasion to accomplish. He has no self-awareness that the politicization of this issue, (not to mention his and Kamala’s own anti-vax statements) have both undermined confidence in our elected officials.

Joe Biden has completely flipped the famous Teddy Roosevelt quote on its head. He has shown contemptibly servile obedience to demands of the terrorists in the Taliban… to the detriment of obvious American national interests, yet he is more than willing to ‘speak softly’ (he ended his angry speech about introducing mandatory vaccines with one of those creepy whispers ‘get the vaccine’) while threatening Americans with serious penalties for non-compliance.

ANGRY JOE: Biden Introduces Federal Vaccine Mandate Says To The Unvaxxed ‘Our Patience Is Wearing Thin’

He walked away after that announcement, taking exactly ZERO questions from the press.

Those of us from the party that understands that the founding documents are explicitly written to put a leash on the tyrannical instincts of politicians drunk on their own power are pushing back.

Did that give the authoritarian reason to pause and reconsider his actions? Nope. He has a pen and a phone too, dammit, and he’s gonna show the world he can use them.

The blurring of distinctions between private companies and government authority may have been a feature in Fascist and Marxist regimes through the 20th century, and those lines have been eroded over the decades even here in the West.

But the boldness of our governments to set themselves up as petty tyrants in the name of the public good since Xi’s Sneeze came to town is nothing short of breathtaking.

Oh, and if you think using this issue will work as a lightning rod to make us forget the gross incompetence of how you tried to rush the Afghanistan evacuation to score win for a 20th anniversary of 9/11 photo op? It won’t.

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