SPOT THE DIFFERENCE: Crowds Are Chanting Very DIFFERENT Things About Trump And Biden (VIDEO)

Written by Wes Walker on September 27, 2021

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Even public figures on the left who threw their support behind Joe Biden are already talking about buyer’s remorse. Even so, this must be getting under Angry Joe’s skin.

81 Million.

That’s the number of votes we were solemnly assured that people have given in support of Joe Biden. Record-breaking. All of them totally legit.

Let’s pretend for a moment that ’81 million votes’ was an uncontroversial statement. With Joe Biden’s favorability rating already underwater, that only makes his current situation look worse, not better. It would mean that his first 8 months in office was an even more catastrophic failure than the pundits had otherwise imagined.

Trump, despite surviving two failed impeachment attempts, can still gather rallies with people chanting ‘we love Trump’.

Meanwhile, only a few months after taking office, what is the crowd response to the new guy?

This is a concert in a little place called Scranton. Ever hear of it? That’s right… Joe pretends it’s his hometown.

Here’s the um, cheer, he’s getting in his ‘hometown’ during an Aaron Lewis concert.

Here’s Lincoln, Nebraska.

We’ve heard Joe doesn’t much care for guys on horseback?

Looks like that feeling is mutual…

(Be sure to keep watching until that horse hits full stride.)

If you collect Trump memorabilia then you must get, The Art of Joe: The Political Brilliance of President Biden. Your friends will pee they’ll laugh so hard. The chapter, Notable Quotable Joe should be read aloud at MAGA parties from coast-to-coast. BTW, the book is 95% bereft of any content. Just like Biden’s head.