‘STAGED’: Biden’s Booster Was Not What It Seemed … Is ANYTHING About This Admin Real?

Written by Wes Walker on September 29, 2021

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If you want us to trust the ‘experts’ you could start by having them tell us the truth.

Fauci got really upset when Rand Paul used the word ‘theater’ to describe the need for vaccinated people, or those with natural antibodies to wear masks.

If they don’t like it when we describe the elaborate hoops and performative acts we go through ‘theater’, maybe they should make sure they don’t participate in any play-acting.

‘Theater’ is an interesting word to use. Especially when we plebs get a peek behind the curtain to see what really happens.

For example, do you remember the hoopla around Joe Biden’s highly publicized Booster shot?

Seems pretty ordinary, right?

Let’s look at that scene from another angle.

Can you imagine any possible world in which Trump would have done a fan-dance on a stage, pretending to be somewhere he wasn’t without the media going absolutely ballistic?

The world has gone upside down. Politicians who are elected to protect and advance the interests of the citizen have protected and advanced those of interest groups with deep pockets at the expense of those citizens.

The press, whose historical job it was to hold politicians’ feet to the fire, which is the entire reason they have a privileged place in the Constitution, have proceeded to promote the party line and suppress anyone who dares to question it.

We saw it when news that broke with official COVID talking points were suppressed — even when supposed ‘conspiracy theories’ were later confirmed as true.

We saw it when Teachers Unions were caught feeding their own preferred talking points into official ‘scientific’ guidance given by the CDC.

We saw it with the suppression of those damning Hunter Biden laptop stories that directly implicated Joe Biden in corruption — which even news outlets on the left are finally acknowledging were authentic, while saying little or nothing about the corruption itself.

This is no longer anywhere in the realm of news, it’s propaganda.

But we’re supposed to take what they tell us at face value?

It’s time these clowns took a good long look in the mirror and see where the problem truly stands.

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