WATCH: Conservative Scholar Blasts The Left As The REAL ‘American Taliban’

Written by K. Walker on September 5, 2021

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After the Texas heartbeat law came into effect, leftists on Twitter made “American Taliban” trend. One conservative called B.S. on that. He says that it’s the Democrats that are in a death cult.

Delano Squires is a scholar who is part of the 1776 Unites project, and he is a contributor to The Blaze as well as the “Fearless with Jason Whitlock” podcast which is a part of The Blaze media. Squires is a contributor to The Blaze, and a recent article was very spicy.

He was clearly fed up (like many of us are) with the left suggesting that Texas’s heartbeat law was going to usher in “The Handmaid’s Tale” or was in any way, shape, or form comparable to the Islamofascist Jihadis that just took over Afghanistan and had the Biden-Harris administration cowering in fear.

The article initially spoke about the deaths of millions of innocent children in the womb that is cheered on by the ghouls in the Democratic Party.

After Texas lawmakers recently passed a bill prohibiting abortion after a baby’s heartbeat is detected, the phrase “American Taliban” trended across Twitter. It’s hard to understand how the people who don’t want babies dismembered in the womb would be seen as the backward theocrats while the people who would legalize abortion up until birth would be seen as caring and compassionate.

This development shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone who understands that abortion — the intentional taking of innocent human life — is one of the left’s most deeply held values. The Democratic Party paints itself as a pro-woman and pro-child coalition concerned for the marginalized and oppressed. Its legislative and cultural priorities reveal a very dark alternate reality. The truth is that the left hates women and children.

Like the immoral woman described in Proverbs, the lips of Nancy Pelosi’s party drip honey and its speech is smoother than oil. It all sounds tempting until you realize it’s a worldview that leads to death.

He went on to say that even their policies after children are born hurt children and are disastrous for society as a whole.

The left hates your children. Democrats don’t believe pre-born babies have inherent worth. They have no problem undermining parental authority if it means getting the opportunity to shape the minds and morals of the next generation of voters. Decades of research show children have the best outcomes when they are raised by their married biological parents. Yet it is easier to get an elected Democrat to promote pornography and sex work than to publicly affirm the role of marriage and the nuclear family in producing positive social outcomes.
Source: The Blaze

Squires appeared on Fearless to discuss the article, and it was perhaps even spicier than the original.

Squires is spot on.

Despite all of their platitudes, Democrats don’t give a damn about families or kids, they just want to push their agenda on you and if you oppose, they’ll call you some sort of “-ist” or “-phobe.”

Here is “Devout Catholic” President Biden on Friday saying that he completely rejects one of the foundational teachings of the Roman Catholic Church.

Yet, it wasn’t long ago that Biden was willing to accept the science on when life begins and he based his willingness on his faith.

It’s reminiscent of the way Joe flip-flopped on same-sex marriage in just a few years.

It’s no surprise that the anti-God left doesn’t respect human life, but Biden and Pelosi who claim to adhere to a faith that holds the life of the unborn as sacred, need to choose if they’re actually going to follow the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church or the Progressive faith of Leftism.

Or that choice needs to be made for them… by the Church.

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