WATCH: Dementia Joe Calls The Australian Prime Minister ‘That Fella Down Under’ And ‘Pal’

Written by K. Walker on September 16, 2021

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The President of the United States forgot the name of the Prime Minister of Australia, didn’t he?

Biden keeps embarrassing himself on the world stage… and thereby embarrassing the United States.

It’s not really possible to do worse than the absolute debacle that was the Biden-Harris withdrawal from Afghanistan.

That mess caught our allies off-guard, abandoned unknown numbers of U.S. citizens and Afghan allies in the country, put the Taliban in control of who got to the airport, and left billions of dollars of military equipment and weapons behind.

The chaos allowed a terror attack that killed 13 of U.S. troops and 170 civilians trying to get into the airport. In the aftermath, under fear of another attack, the U.S. dropped a Hellfire missile from a Reaper drone on an aid worker’s car killing him and 9 members of his family including 7 children thinking that he was an ISIS-K militant.

It’s going to be hard to top that in the realm of bumbling idiot behavior, but Biden seems to be committed.

On Wednesday, the President, along with the leaders of the United Kingdom and Australia, announced “AUKUS” — a partnership to create a nuclear-powered submarine fleet to keep China in check.

Taiwan and Japan are (rightly) thrilled with the increased protection from Chinese aggression the new pact will provide in the Indo-Pacific region.

But, as seems typical for any decision that White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain the Biden-Harris administration has made, it’s not going so smoothly. It’s like the Biden-Harris admin has the worst version of the “Midas Touch” where everything they touch turns to crap.

First off, the move excluded two U.S. allies who are members of Five Eyes — New Zealand and Canada.

While some might assume that New Zealand and Canada were excluded as being bit players in naval warfare, it’s actually because both governments have been soft on China in recent years.

New Zealand’s feelings were so hurt that the country has decided to ban the new Australian submarines from its waters. (Either that or they’re afraid of their Chinese Overlords.)

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is too busy fighting to win an election — that he called and no one else wanted — to have noticed AUKUS yet, but ClashDaily is sure his response will be as pacifistic, acquiescent to China, and as “woke” as possible whenever it does come.

The French are a bit miffed as well — calling the deal that excludes them a “stab in the back.” Their ire was not just being excluded, but because Australia shelved a submarine deal with a French company in favor of the AUKUS partnership.

Former Aussie PM Paul Keating slammed the deal saying, “If the United States military with all its might could not beat a bunch of Taliban rebels with AK47 rifles in pickup trucks, what chance would it have in a full blown war against China, not only the biggest state in the world but the commander and occupant of the largest land mass in Asia?”

And of course, China says that AUKUS “undermines peace.” This is after they had recently threatened to send warships into Hawaiian waters. Sure, China. Sure.

Neither the deal itself, the snubbing of U.S. allies, nor the fallout is what everyone was talking about, though.

It was a moment where Biden appeared confused (again) and seems to have forgotten the name of Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison.

The Australian PM spoke first, followed by U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson, and President Biden was last.

In the brief clip, Biden says, “Thank you, Boris. And I want to thank that fella ‘down under.’ Thank you very much, pal. Appreciate it, Mr. Prime Minister.” He then slurred through his speech as he often does these days.

If you haven’t been embarrassed enough with this Shambling Husk of Mediocrity that somehow won the 2020 Presidential election, you can watch the whole 11-minute presser here, and that should do it for you.

Biden did use Prime Minister Morrison’s name at the end of the speech, but that’s probably only because it was included on his teleprompter with his prepared remarks written for him by his staff.

As you can see in the video, both of the Prime Ministers chuckled, but were they laughing with Biden or at him?

It’s a good thing that video hasn’t been released of Putin or Xi Jinping watching this presser because you know why they’d be laughing.

The President is a laughingstock.

How the hell did he get 81 million votes?!

The country’s turning to crap, violent crime is up, inflation is continuing to rise, employment is down, businesses are closing, illegal aliens are crossing the border in record numbers, the virus is spreading despite the promise that Biden would “shut down the virus”, we lost a 20-year war in Afghanistan to the Taliban in a couple of weeks, our allies are getting pissed off…

But the left wants us to see the bright side.

What could that possibly be?

Well, I’m not sure, but it’s probably something like this…

Joe’s head might be empty… but that just means that he can’t write any mean tweets.

That’s leftist logic for you.

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