WATCH: Dr. Fauci Says The ‘Optimal Regimen’ To Be ‘Fully Vaccinated’ Includes A Booster Jab

Written by K. Walker on September 30, 2021

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The term “fully-vaccinated” could mean something very different in the near future.

In an exclusive interview with The Atlantic’s Ed Yong, Dr. Anthony Fauci, Biden’s chief advisor on the coronavirus, said that he believes that the booster is necessary to be considered vaccinated.

This means that all of the doubled-jabbed Fauci-worshippers are now no longer fully-vaxxed according to their goalpost-shifting hero.

When asked about the confusing information the American public has received regarding universal booster shots recently — the FDA not recommending them in a 16-2 vote and the CDC rolling them out anyway — Yong asked Fauci what he thought of the third jab.

Fauci said, “I’ve made it clear that my opinion has always been that I believe that a third-shot booster for a two-dose mRNA [vaccine] should ultimately and will ultimately be the proper, complete regimen.” He added, “The vaccine is very successful. The durability of it is something that’s a subject of considerable discussion and sometimes debate.”

He then wanted to have his cake and eat it, too. When he addressed the clashing FDA and CDC recommendations, he supported… both.

“I supported and continue to support what the FDA did on the basis of the information they had and on the advice of their advisory committee,” he then said, “I support what the CDC has done, and I think that Dr. Walensky made a very good, informed, and courageous choice. She took the advice of the [Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices] under advisement and she made a modification.”

Fauci also seems to support the unattainable goal of “COVID Zero.” The Prevaricating, Diminiuative Smurf said that he wants to stop people from getting sick, not just stopping serious illness.

Here’s what Fauci said:

FAUCI: As a physician and as a scientist and a public-health person, I think it is not entirely correct to make this very strong dichotomy between waning protection against hospitalization and death and waning immunity against infection and mild-to-moderate disease. It is an assumption that it’s okay to get infected and to get mild-to-moderate disease as long as you don’t wind up in the hospital and die. And I have to be open and honest: I reject that. I think we should be preventing people from getting sick from COVID even if they don’t wind up in the hospital. Ultimately I believe that the optimal regimen for the mRNA [vaccines] is going to include that third booster shot. (Emphasis Added)

Yong pushed back on that and asked if that had been made clear to the public.

Here is the relevant transcript from The Atlantic:

YONG: And do you feel that that’s been communicated, the idea that the whole plan was always going to be three doses?

FAUCI: We did not always know that a third dose would likely be an important part of the proper, complete regimen. In the early trials, we started off with a prime followed by a booster. And the results were so strikingly good, both in the animal model and in the Phase 1, Phase 2 trials, that we didn’t have the luxury to say, “Wait a minute, we’re going to try multiple different doses and make sure we get it just right.” We were in an emergency situation, so we went with what was really good. Already the track record has shown you that it has saved millions of lives.

What we did not fully appreciate—and there was no way of knowing it—is what the durability of that would be. I’m an immunologist, and I know what other immunologists say is true: The antibody level going down doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re not protected, because you have memory B cells; you have T cells. But the clinical phenomenon is the thing that you need to pay attention to. And that’s what we were seeing: Over time, protection against hospitalization was going down, starting off with the elderly and then even occurring across age groups. Without a doubt, the protection against clinically recognizable disease was going down.

We did not know that during the clinical trials. What we’re starting to see now and fully appreciate is that it is likely, for a real, complete regimen, that you would need at least a third dose. Now, the question is going to be, does that mean we have to boost people every single year? We don’t know that now. What I hope is going to happen is that this is going to get to the human immune system, in vaccinated people, that degree of maturation of response, that will really give much more durability to it.

The Biden-Harris administration went from “I won’t take any Trump vaccine” to “You need a booster shot or you’re not a patriot” in the blink of an eye.

The admin is now doubling down saying that the booster will provide the “highest protection yet” from COVID but critics have questioned how long that protection lasts.

The current CDC authorization of boosters is for Americans 65+, those at serious illness from the Wuhan Virus, and, against the advice of the FDA advisory panel who voted 16-2 to limit the use of boosters, includes those in “high risk” occupations because of… “equity.” Of course.

This happened shortly after two top FDA scientists resigned over frustrations with the CDC overstepping their authority and both were listed among a group of international scientists who said that mass boosters could actually cause an increase in adverse reactions in people who are not at risk for serious illness or death.

International Group Of Vaccine Experts Says There’s ‘No Evidence’ For COVID Boosters For Most People

It’s important to note that Fauci is still recommending that vaccine aficionados wait for FDA approval for their age group, which he clearly believes is coming despite no long-term data on booster shot efficacy.

CDC Director Rochelle Walensky decided to push for a third jab for “high risk” workers anyway because that’s what the Biden-Harris administration wanted.

It’s pretty clear that it was a political decision and not a public health one.

Don’t you just love how the “Follow the Science” crowd treats “The Science” when it conflicts with their agenda?

Of course, this can’t be criticized or “media watchdogs” on CNN and the “unbiased fact-checkers” on social media will castigate whoever is so foolish as to question the regime. Yes, these sorry individuals will be found guilty of “wrongthink” and cast out into the utter darkness where there is weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth.

The Biden-Harris overlords know best and can create “The Science” with their very words.

Heck, they can create reality itself.

‘STAGED’: Biden’s Booster Was Not What It Seemed … Is ANYTHING About This Admin Real?

Kneel in awe, peasants! And you’d better line up for the mandatory Pfizer jab subscription plan.

Here is the full Fauci interview with The Atlantic’s Ed Yong:

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