WATCH: OBAMA-Era CIA Chief Tears Biden’s Afghanistan Narrative To Ribbons

Written by Wes Walker on September 14, 2021

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To hear Psaki and the advisors standing behind podiums tell the story, the operation under which fled Afghanistan was a raving success. Not even Obama’s appointees are cosigning this ridiculous claim.

From the podiums in DC, we get all kinds of rosy language about the ‘successful airlift’ that got all the Americans (who WANTED to leave) out of Afghanistan. (Implied: ‘And if the dumb sonsofbitches didn’t have the good sense to leave, that’s obviously not OUR fault.)

We are given talking points about a pivot to ‘over-the-horizon’ capabilities that don’t require us to have a footprint in the region.

On Face The Nation, Obama’s former acting and dupty CIA director, Micahel Morell, was calling bull***t on the whole narrative. He was explicitly pointing a finger at the White House, specifically the drone strike that seems to have murdered an innocent family… one of the good guys.

MARGARET BRENNAN: So are we more at risk than without the military presence there?

MORELL: We are more at risk, without a doubt, because we haven’t yet, as we heard from Representative Kinzinger, we haven’t yet put together a strategy for how we’re going to do the two things. So one, right, is to collect that intelligence that I talked about. The intelligence community’s got to figure that out. Then the Department of Defense has to figure out this over the horizon capability, right? So when the intelligence community says, Mr. President, they’re rebuilding again, they’re getting to the point where they can attack the homeland again. And the president says, take action. The military has to be able to reach in and degrade Al-Qaeda, right? We haven’t figured those two things out yet.

MARGARET BRENNAN: And- and on that point, over the horizon, it’s just a euphemistic word for flying in drones and planes from far away. So you had this drone strike that now the New York Times and The Washington Post is raising questions about. This was to target some of the members of ISIS who killed US troops and over 100 Afghans just a few weeks ago. So, did we actually kill the person intended and if we didn’t, doesn’t that show that over the horizon has some problems?

MORELL: So, so- so this wasn’t over the horizon, right? This- this was done with assets in Afghanistan. You’ve got to remember that–

MARGARET BRENNAN: Assets still in Afghan?

MORELL: Yes. You know what happened here, it needs to be investigated. And I would hope that the administration, once it does the investigation that it tells all of us publicly exactly what happened and if we made a mistake, why. You know, President Obama was very strong on being open about making mistakes with drone strikes. And I think this administration needs to do the same.

MARGARET BRENNAN: And that’s a question for the Pentagon, or that’s a question for the CIA?

MORELL: It’s a question for the White House.

A question for the White House? That’s for sure. It’s one of many they will need to answer for. Full transcript is here.

If all this were happening under Dubya or Trump, the left’s chants of ‘war criminal’ would be deafening by now. But when it’s someone on their own team who screwed the pooch, they all quietly put their protest placards back in storage.

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