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WTF? Public Health Official Says All Sick People Who Decline COVID Tests Will Be Counted As COVID Cases

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How can you trust the “experts” when they keep shifting the goalposts like this?

One big problem that has been recurring during this pandemic is that public health officials continue to beclown themselves and issue ridiculous statements that undermine public health.

The Canadian province of Alberta — often referred to as “Texas North” for its oil and conservative political views — is currently dealing with a particularly vicious wave of COVID.

Public health officials are determined to blame it on the “unvaccinated” which consists of approximately… *checks notes*… one-quarter of the eligible population age 12 and up, and even less than that if you count those with one dose.

Can the small sliver of the population that haven’t been vaccinated — many of whom have probably already had and recovered form the Wuhan Virus — be the only ones driving this spread? Something seems fishy here…

Here is Alberta’s Chief Health Officer, Dr. Deena Hinshaw, explaining that if there is an outbreak — which Alberta considers two cases in a school, workplace, hospital, nursing home, etc. — anyone else who is sick and doesn’t submit themselves to a COVID test will be counted as a COVID case.

Doesn’t that sound very science-based?

The problem is that hospitals are being overwhelmed in Alberta and the “experts” are concerned that they might have to ration healthcare by implementing Triage protocols — which means doctors determine who should get treatment. Although Alberta’s triage protocols are not officially in effect, doctors are already rationing care.

Here’s an article by CTV News in Canada:

Many Edmonton hospitals are operating at more than 100 per cent capacity because of the surge of patients needing admission. In Calgary, occupancy is above 100 per cent in major hospitals and over 100 per cent on certain medical units.

Oh, wait… my bad.

That’s an article from 2013 with the headline, “Hospitals overwhelmed by flu and norovirus patients.”

That’s because the healthcare system in Canada isn’t as great as Canadians and the rest of the world are being led to believe. Overwhelmed hospitals have been a staple in Canada during flu season for years due to underfunding, neglect, and the bureaucracy of socialized medicine. Still, many Canadians will defend it to the death because they haven’t ever experienced anything else and don’t understand that the rationing of care and long waits for treatment aren’t the norm in private healthcare systems.

But let’s look at raw data.

Alberta is Canada’s fourth-largest province. It has a population of about 4.4 million and a total of 350 ICU beds for the entire province. In contrast, there are 638 ICU beds in Oregon, a state with a comparable population.

There’s also a chronic shortage of nurses in Canada — especially specialized nurses that work in the ICU.

Maybe the problem here is with the healthcare system itself.

But you’ll never hear Deena Hinshaw say that. It’s those dirty unvaxxed people that are the problem.

It would seem that even in über-polite Canada, this virus is making the public health officials nutty.

David Freiheit — a lawyer and YouTuber who goes by “Viva Frei” — posted another video of Dr. Deena Hinshaw from one of her recent Coronavirus press conferences.

Just watch what she does.

That is not normal behavior — that is, as Freiheit points out, psychotic behavior.

It’s ironic that the journalist was asking about anxiety disorders because it looks like Hinshaw might have developed one during the pandemic.

Even from a public health perspective, her little “COVID theater” doesn’t make any sense. I’m no expert, here, but what she did doesn’t do a damnd thing.

To summarize, she:

  • sanitized her hands to remove her mask from her face
  • put her dirty mask on the podium
  • sanitized her hands again to pick up the dirty mask to put it back on her face to walk a few feet past the woman speaking after her
  • walks up to the podium, sanitizes her hands again to remove her mask from her face
  • puts her dirty mask back on the podium again
  • sanitizes her hands to answer the question

Yep. That looks psychotic.

As Freiheit noted, Hinshaw wasn’t behaving like this earlier in the pandemic.

What changed?

Well, in a word, the experts were wrong.

It’s pretty clear that this virus isn’t going away anytime soon.

Millions of vaccine doses have been distributed, we’re already talking about boosters, while people in Alberta are wearing masks, maintaining social distance, even though the vast majority are vaccinated.

In addition to those precautions, new public health orders took effect on September 16 after a State of Public Health Emergency was declared.

As though taking their cue from a dystopian novel, they’re even regulating what people can do in their own homes.

In what was formerly known as Texas North, only the vaccinated are able to visit friends. From their new guidance, “Indoor private social gatherings are limited to a single household plus one other household to a maximum of 10 vaccine-eligible, vaccinated people and no restrictions on children under 12.” Meanwhile, the dirty, unvaxxed can go to hell. “Indoor social gatherings are not permitted for vaccine-eligible people who are unvaccinated.”

Blaming people for the spread of an airborne respiratory virus after 3/4 of the eligible population is fully vaccinated and people are still wearing masks and is apparently “Science” now.

We’ve seen the same sort of “listen to the experts… or else” thing in the United States with Saint Anthony Fauci who doesn’t seem to have much of a grasp on the science despite believing that he is the science.

Dr. Fauci Claims His Critics Aren’t Just Attacking Him, But ‘Science’ Itself (VIDEO)

Here’s what Dr. Fauci thinks the problem is:

Here’s what the actual problem is:

Not liking “facts or science” is not the reason why some people aren’t listening to Fauci — it’s because people aren’t big fans of a Prevaricating Authoritarian Smurf whose predictions have been as accurate as his attempt to throw the first pitch over home plate.

Fauci’s First Pitch Was Even More Off-Base Than The Predictive Model He Relied On

It’s not just North America.

Early in the pandemic, the British guy who did all the COVID modeling said that the Wuhan Virus was going to leave millions upon millions of the world’s population dead but was sneaking out of lockdown to hook up with his married lover. The virus indeed has killed millions of people, and every one of those deaths is tragic, but the death toll is nowhere near what was predicted by Professor Happy Pants who advocated for lockdowns because he found China bolting people into their homes to stop the spread of an airborne respiratory virus inspiring. The rules just didn’t apply to him.

And heck, just take a look at Australia where they’ve set aside their humanity to return to their roots as a giant prison colony, suspending human rights indefinitely, creating “quarantine camps”, banning protests, using drones for surveillance, and warning people to not talk to their neighbors.

And oh, my Lord, New Zealand! They’re chasing a COVID Zero pipe dream down there!

These people are crazy!

Fortunately, Americans still have the Bill of Rights that protect them from some of these authoritarian measures… but for how long with Democrats in charge?

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