You Might Be A Pharisee If You Do THIS (Live From Cigars & Sermons)

Written by Doug Giles on September 21, 2021

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Those gospel passages where Jesus is really giving it to the Pharisees are a lot of fun, so long as those scathing words are directed at someone else.

But what if, I said, what if, some of what He is saying in the Verbum Dei wasn’t just about delivering a divine spanking to the villains in his story?

Since many of the players in this drama had already exited stage left long before any pen touched parchment, the gospels weren’t written for their benefit, but for ours.

Have we been so busy enjoying the show of Jesus unloading his big guns on one of our favorite villains in history that we’ve gone and missed the point?

Do his warnings to them mean something today beyond the generic ‘don’t be a hypocrite’ lesson we hear from most pulpits today?

Let’s find out.

(And don’t forget to wear your cup for this one. You know, ‘just in case’.)

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