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BIDEN’S BROKEN BORDER: Catch-And-Release Is Up More Than 430,000% — Here’s The 411

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No, that’s not a typo in the headline.

Stephen Dinan at the Washington Times made the stunning observation when examining the apprehensions of illegal migrants at the southern border.

From Dinan’s article:

In August 2020, the Trump administration managed something stunning. Border Patrol agents caught more than 47,000 illegal immigrants and immediately released just 10 of them into the interior.

This August, under President Biden, the Border Patrol made more than 195,000 arrests and released 43,941 people — an increase of more than 430,000%.

Security experts say that’s the difference between a secure border and an unprecedented migrant surge.

“If you tell the migrant they’re not going to be released, they’re not going to come. If a migrant knows they will not be released into the United States awaiting their immigration process, they will not come,” said Mark Morgan, who served as acting head of Customs and Border Protection in the Trump administration.
(Emphasis Added)

The article then describes what immigration officials call “push” and “pull” factors for migration. The “push” factors are the political, economic, and social factors in a home country that would cause people to want to leave — things like war, crime, poverty, lack of opportunity, persecution, natural disasters etc. These things “push” people to want to leave and “seek a better life” elsewhere.

These “push” factors are what the Biden-Harris administration is focused on — the so-called “root causes.”

But as we’ve said often at ClashDaily, that’s clearly not what’s happening now. The new influx of “Haitian migrants” are not coming directly from Haiti — where there is political instability, devastation from recent natural disasters, and extreme poverty — they’re coming from South America where they have lived for years.

And we know this.

Nearly all Haitians reach the U.S. on a well-worn route: Fly to Brazil, Chile or elsewhere in South America. If jobs dry up, slowly move through Central America and Mexico by bus and on foot to wait — perhaps years — in northern border cities like Tijuana for the right time to enter the United States and claim asylum.
Source: ABC News

Many of them abandoned their Chilean and Brazilian ID on the Mexican side of the border.

Someone should tell Vice President Harris and whoever it is that tells President Biden what to do that it’s not the “push” factors that are at play here.

There are also “pull” factors — things that motivate someone to make the move to a new place. These things include: political stability, economic opportunity, and… government benefits.

You know, things like this:

Both the current President and the Vice President raised their hands.

It’s incentives like this that “pull” people to the country that is already known as “The Land of Opportunity.”

Can you blame them? Who wouldn’t want to try their hand at the American Dream when the Democrats roll out the Welcome mat at the southern border and promise you free healthcare?

The issue is that the “pull” factor has been paired with a change in enforcement that allows asylum-seekers to remain in the United States despite the fact that the vast majority do not qualify for asylum.

The Biden-Harris admin has decided that their “humane” border policy is to allow applicants (if they come as families) to remain in the United States as the immigration system slowly grinds on and continues to get gummed up with more and more illegal border crossers.

This means that people can stay here for years while their asylum case is heard, and by then, “immigration advocates” (read: Open Borders activists) claim it’s “inhumane” to deport someone who has “made a life” in the United States.

Walking across the border and claiming asylum is a free ticket into the country and everyone knows it. That’s why getting rid of the “remain in Mexico” policy of the Trump administration and ending the agreements with the Northern Triangle countries was so awful — these policies had been deterring some people from making the dangerous trek guided by human smugglers who don’t give a damn about them.

• In January 2020, before the onset of the pandemic, Border Patrol agents made 29,204 arrests. Of those, 86% were returned, put into speedy deportation or subjected to one of the Trump team’s administrative fixes to block bogus asylum claims, such as the “Remain in Mexico” policy or the cooperative agreements struck with Central American nations.

About 12% were turned over to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement with a “Notice to Appear” for an eventual immigration court date. Just 75 migrants, less than 0.5%, were caught and released at the border.

• In August 2020, during the pandemic, agents made 47,282 arrests. Of those, more than 90% were immediately expelled under what is known as Title 42, an emergency health order shutting the border to unauthorized migration.

Another 6.6% of those arrested were put into a speedy deportation or removal process. Just 10 people, effectively a rate of 0%, were caught and released at the border.

• In August 2021, under Mr. Biden, agents made 195,558 apprehensions — more than 2½ times the number of the other two months combined.

About 47% were expelled under Title 42 powers, and about 7% were put into the speedy deportation process.

Still, 23% were caught and released at the border and 15% more were caught, turned over to ICE and given notices of court dates.
Source: Washington Times

So, now we have a flood of people crossing the border illegally, flouting our immigration law, and they’re being let into the country in unbelievable numbers — all while our “medical experts” insist that we’re in a deadly pandemic. Many of these economic migrants are coming in with the Deadly Delta Variant in “surprising” numbers as the Biden-Harris admin is vilifying the “unvaccinated” for spreading the virus.

And they wonder why we don’t take them seriously.

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