COVID Jibber-Jabber Is Long On Fear, Short On Science

Written by Allan Erickson on October 26, 2021

Monitored NBC news on Sunday morning. The network is running (every 15 minutes) an extended ‘report’ on vaccines. All of it happy talk about effectiveness, reducing the spread, etc.

Not a word about the millions of people who oppose vaccinations for legitimate reasons. Not a word about alternative treatments.

Not a word about herd immunity. Not a word about huge numbers of deaths and injuries (from vaccines) documented on the HHS website.

Not a word about long-term implications of massive injections — experimental, genetic engineering.

Lots of reporting on the need for multiple boosters, recommendations to mix and match various injections, and the big push to jab kids, ages 5-11. If the vaccine works 91% of the time, why are three or four boosters required? Aren’t the very young at least risk? Have there been clinical studies on kids that young?

Have there been traditional clinical studies at all? Why are so many doctors protesting all this, warning of catastrophic outcomes?

Why is the media ignoring the government’s own reports about the dangers involved?

Why isn’t anyone noting that Israel — which is highly vaccinated — is on the fourth booster and still death and infection rates are comparatively high?

For 18 months we have been fed contradictory information instilling fear, driving drastic reactions globally, all to fight a virus with a 99.5% survival rate.

Why are officials not providing the whole truth? Why are Ivermectin and HCQ prohibited when these have been proven safe and effective via decades of use and hundreds of clinical trials?

All we have accomplished is mass hysteria, increased spread, and millions of people jabbed for little ROI.

And still, global media refuses to place blame where it belongs: the CCP and the CDC, the WHO, the NIH, and Fauci.

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Allan Erickson
Allan Erickson---Christian, husband, father, journalist, businessman, screenwriter, and author of The Cross & the Constitution in the Age of Incoherence, Tate Publishing, 2012.