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INCOHERENT JOE: Biden Stumps For McAuliffe In Virginia Yelling Incomprehensible Word Salad (VIDEO)

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The President of the United States continues to struggle to complete a coherent sentence and we’re apparently not supposed to talk about that.

It’s kind of strange after the Democrats and their sycophants in the Corporate Media were out there for four years talking about using the 25th Amendment to remove the “Bad Orange Man” from office. The prevaricating partisan presstitutes went so far as to find doctors willing to go on television and violate basic standards of medical ethics by diagnosing a man that they had never examined as “mentally unfit for office” despite the same man passing a cognitive test with flying colors.

But now that we have a President who sometimes seems unaware of his surroundings, mumbles incoherently, randomly yells, whispers creepily into the microphone, forgets basic information, relies on cue cards for everything, bizarrely stands with his fists clenched on national television, is rarely seen for longer than 20 minutes at a time, and tells the press that he’s been “told” not to take questions, mentioning any of that is attacking him for his “lifelong stutter” that is suddenly showing up after nearly 50 years in the public eye.

In a campaign event in Virginia for former Clinton hack, Terry McAuliffe — who is in a dead-heat in the gubernatorial race with political newcomer Glenn Younkin — Biden made one of his signature “gaffes” that made no sense.

BIDEN: In fact, we’re taking a page from Terry’s book when he was governor, and when he’d be governor next time. We’re emerging from this pandemic, we want to expand pee– Pre-K for 3- and 4-year olds… millions of free care for students.

What was he trying to say about Pre-K? Does he even know?

It’s unlikely.

Biden shows about as much interest in actually leading the country as Liberace had in pursuing a relationship with a woman.

Biden seems to let his handlers take care of most of the policy positions and do all the thinking for him. He seems to just go with the flow of whatever policy they hand him, and rubber-stamp it with the occasional presser where he reads a prepared statement from a teleprompter and fields no questions. That’s how we got the guy branded as good ol’ moderate, reach-across-the-aisle “Unity” Joe pushing Bernie Sanders-style spending bills. The Obama B-Team currently in the West Wing that thinks that they’re in a live-action version of the West Wing and that running the United States — end even the President himself — can be scripted to shape reality. That’s because, like most libs, they don’t actually live in reality and want the world to conform to their view.

The one exception to Biden’s deferral to his handlers seems to be on foreign policy. Especially on an issue that he wants accolades for — like the ending of the war in Afghanistan. Then he won’t listen to his advisors and is unmovable even if everyone tells him it will end in disaster… which they did.

The Corporate Media has been shielding Biden from criticism since he announced that he was running against Trump and didn’t even call him out on basing his decision to run on the Charlottesville Hoax.

Perhaps McAuliffe thought it was a good idea to roll out ol’ Joe because Biden won Virginia by 10 points last November.

…[T]he White House has been careful to limit the president’s exposure to the press in a telling move that limits his opportunity for mistakes. Biden has repeatedly told the press ‘I’m not supposed to take questions,’ and ‘I’ve been instructed to call on…’ raising questions about who is really in control.

McAuliffe has called in his party’s biggest names as he fights the battle of his political life to retake the governor’s seat as a Democrat. If McAuliffe were to lose to Republican Glenn Youngkin, it would be the first time a Democrat lost a statewide seat in the state where Biden won by 10 points since 2009…

…McAuliffe admitted that Biden was ‘unpopular’ in his state earlier this month.

‘We’ve got to get Democrats out to vote,’ McAuliffe said in a leaked clip of a teleconference. ‘We are facing a lot of headwinds from Washington, as you know.’

‘The president is unpopular today unfortunately here in Virginia so we have got to plow through.’
Source: Daily Mail

A massive part of Joe’s schtick in Virginia was comparing Youngkin to… Trump. Of course.

President Joe Biden on Tuesday excoriated Virginia Republican Glenn Youngkin during his final event with Democrat Terry McAuliffe ahead of next week’s election, repeatedly comparing the gubernatorial candidate to former President Donald Trump.

Biden’s remarks were a point-by-point upbraiding of both Youngkin and Trump, building on a campaign-long strategy by McAuliffe to link his Republican opponent to the former President, who lost Virginia by 10 points last fall. With polls showing a tied race, Biden’s visit — just his second to the state for this campaign — followed those of other top national Democrats who have hit the trail for McAuliffe in recent weeks to try to gin up enthusiasm among the base.
Source: CNN

But then, this is what McAuliffe has been doing throughout the campaign.

You can just smell the desperation by McAuliffe as he drags out every high-profile Democrat he can to help him regain the Governorship.

Invoking the “Bad Orange Man” as his opponent instead of his actual opponent is pretty hilarious considering one of McAuliffe’s surrogates, former President Obama, accused Youngkin and parents of “phony, trumped-up culture wars” after the public in Loudoun County became enraged at the School Board for relocating a male teen who “wore a skirt occasionally” to a different school as his trial for raping a classmate in a girls’ bathroom was pending.

The gubernatorial race in Virginia should be a cakewalk for Democrats, but it’s neck-and-neck as Youngkin’s message continues to resonate with parents concerned about what the heck is going on with education in the Commonwealth of Virginia, and McAuliffe puts the interests of teachers’ unions and school boards ahead of parents’ rights.

Maybe trotting out the guy with sinking polling numbers and is less popular than dysentery was a bad idea.

Let’s not forget that Biden stood on stage at a CNN town hall event in Maryland and launched a thousand memes as he held his fists clenched while Anderson Cooper asked him a question.

This is the guy that received 81 million votes and is more popular than Obama.

As the leftwing Corporate Media would say, Republicans “pounced” on the Virginia clip:

But, as is often the case, it isn’t the verified accounts that have the best response.

This one sums it up perfectly…

There’s only one response to that… “Let’s Go Brandon!”

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