JIM CROW 2.0: If FILIBUSTERS Are ‘Racist’, Dem RECONCILIATION Attempts Must Be FAR Worse

Written by Wes Walker on October 1, 2021

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If they have any integrity whatsoever, those runaway Texas Dems should pile on another plane and plead with their Democrat brothers and sisters to put an end to this relic of the KKK…

Since the KKK was such an explicitly Democrat-aligned political institution, you would think they would be more sensitive to problems like this one.

The Fake Defenders Of Our Institutions

Any time Republicans look for accountability at the polls, making sure all eligible voters get one (and only one) vote, Dems near lose their minds with claims that there is a secret racist agenda to silence minorities and keep them from voting.

Joe Biden even picked up the talking points of Stacey Abrams, the delusional activist who claims a 50,000+ vote defeat was actually a win. The media still refuses to give her the public flogging and ridicule her foolishness deserves yet anyone even suggesting that voting irregularities like rule changes, mass mailings, cooperation in a ‘fortified election’, and media suppression of stories detrimental to Biden could have possibly impacted the 2020 outcome is labeled a ‘conspiracy theorist’.

They don’t just like having it both ways. They insist on it.

But there’s a danger in painting everything you don’t like as ‘racist’… it puts you on shaky ground the minute an actual bigot enters the conversation.

Despite the house and senate being as close to a perfect 50-50 split as we have seen in history, the Dems are treating their power as though they were given a runaway mandate to push the most aggressively partisan policies they have ever attempted.

For anyone who actually believed their ‘moderate’ candidate beat Bernie Sanders, the joke’s on you.

That ‘Racist’ Filibuster…

The only thing standing in their way is the filibuster. There was nothing at all wrong with the filibuster back when they were busy ‘Resist’-ing Trump. They loved it, even. But now that it’s working against their agenda, it’s no-good-very-bad-horrible-and-evil.

And we all know what THAT means… it’s RACIST!

Out came all the Jim Crow references. The slavery references. Forget the fact that filibusters have a history going all the way back to ancient Greece and the founding of Democracy itself. (And we all know how they claim to love Democracy!) Suddenly filibusters are worse than the devil himself.

Reconciliation To the Rescue…

But the Democrats still have a card up their sleeve. They can STILL ram through an agenda that can completely ignore the will of half the nation’s elected officials… so long as they can justify the use of the ‘reconciliation’ tool to do it.

The entire battle we have been seeing about the few pieces of legislation Dems HAVE passed this year, as well as the current showdown over the two multi-billion pieces of legislation Dems are desperate to push through without Republican support, have revolved around the use of that tool.

In other words — in order to bypass the narrow limits imposed on them by current obligations of Bipartisanship, they need a way to get past the filibuster.

Reconciliation Presents A Far BIGGER Race Problem Than The Filibuster Ever Did…

If they are going to use ‘Reconciliation’ as their workaround to bypass the filibuster they pretend to claim is racist, they might want to take a closer look at the name of that tool.

Reconciliation in the Senate is also called The Byrd Rule — as in Robert Byrd.

Who was Robert Byrd? He was that Democrat whose eulogy top Democrats were lining up to give. He was a mentor to people like Hillary Clinton.

He was also a high-ranking member of the KKK. Not only was he a recruiter for the KKK with one of their goofy titles — ‘Exalted Cyclops’ — but it was that leadership in the KKK that launched his political career. In fact, his political inspiration came from the Klan’s Grand Dragon himself.

He recruited 150 members, and when Grand Dragon Joel L. Baskin came to a meeting in Crab Orchard, Byrd was unanimously elected Exalted Cyclops.

“You have a talent for leadership, Bob,” Baskin told him. “The country needs young men like you in the leadership of the nation.” — CBS

Here’s Proof They Don’t REALLY Care About Race…

They don’t care about racism when it’s their side because even the claim of racism isn’t about race, it’s about power.

Democrats want power and they hate anything that stands in the way of that power. This is easy to see in their sudden change in how they view the courts. A politicized court that rubber-stamped every Democrat agenda too radical to get passed in law was a GOOD thing, until Republicans finally broke the decades-long stranglehold they had on that institution. Now they openly denounce it.

A government shutdown in 2018 that stopped Ryan and McConnell from passing legislation and an agenda they lacked the votes to stop? That was a good thing. A government shutdown that would stop them from pushing their agenda forward today? That would be a manifestly bad thing.

AOC staged a crying photo op in front of ‘Cages’ when Trump was in office, but doesn’t give a damn about the abuses happening on our border as we speak.

The examples are endless.

Democrats want absolute power and will spin any lie they think will help them gain it.