Men Are Called To Be Dragon-Slayers & Image-Bearers

Written by Doug Giles on October 26, 2021

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In the beating heart of every little boy is a yearning to do something heroic.

For some, it is a dream of athletic excellence. For others, it’s some kind of a great discovery, as an explorer, or maybe an astronaut. Some dream of being a scientist, or an inventor. Some daydream of building a financial empire that would make Bezos and Musk sick with envy.

Most dream of having manly courage… being the hero who steps up in a time of danger, doing something heroic in a time of war, or saving someone from a burning building. Of boldly doing something that lesser men are too frightened to do.

The rich imagination of a boy can dream of a million different ways to be that hero. But for too many, that’s bred out of them long before manhood.

The business world trains most of us to become risk-averse cogs in a machine, content with building someone else’s vision of a better tomorrow. Do you remember Jack, from Fight Club? That’s right. Guys like him.

Culture presents us with a Homer Simpson vision of manhood: a shambling heap of drooling, drinking, self-loathing mediocrity. The Church isn’t much better. It looks to Homer’s neighbor and gives us the example of Ned Flanders: nice enough, but mostly harmless.

You ask any ten-year-old what he wants to be when he grows up, and he’s probably smart enough to tell you None Of The Above.

Somewhere in that journey between ‘idealistic dreamer’ and ‘responsible adult’ many men lose the path. So what’s the alternative?

What does Jesus call us to? No… it isn’t the cardigan-wearing oakly-dokely Ned Flanders path.

Here’s a clue: that longing we have in our hearts to be a hero someday? The Son of God was the One who put that desire in our hearts in the first place. It’s a righteous gift to make men want to be more like, you guessed it, Him.

It’s an open invitation — a challenge, even — to the rest of us that we should follow in his footsteps as a heroic image-bearer and Dragon-Slayer.

If you’re ready to have that heroic instinct awakened, and put into service of something bigger than yourself instead of barely surviving through another week, then get ready. Because this isn’t the typical message you’ll hear preached in your typical Sunday service.

If it was, we’d all be living in a very different America… one that wouldn’t need to be rescued. It would already be on much more solid footing.

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