President ‘Lying Dog-Faced Pony Soldier’ Biden’s Approval Rating Is In The Toilet

Written by K. Walker on October 7, 2021

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This isn’t one of those “right-wing” pollsters, either.

A recent poll shows that Biden’s approval rating has dropped to just 38% from 50% when he was first elected.

Quinnipiac, which generally favors Democrats, reveals that Biden’s presidential approval rating is continuing to sink like a stone, but what’s even worse for Democrats is that the majority of Americans don’t think that the Biden-Harris Administration is competent. Fifty-five percent of respondents said that the Biden-Harris administration is “not competent in running the government.”

A new poll reveals President Biden’s lowest approval rating yet, as Congress remains at an impasse at the sweeping spend plans that will define his presidency and the threat of debt default loom.

Just 38% approve of Biden’s job as president, and 53% disapprove, according to a poll from Quinnipiac University. Three weeks ago, the same poll found that 42% approved and 50% disapproved…

…Biden received his lowest marks on immigration, where only 25% approve and 67% disapprove, and also received low marks on his ‘first love,’ foreign policy, where only 34% approved and 58% disapproved.

Of his job as commander-in-chief, 37% approved, 58% disapproved, according to the poll.
Source: Daily Mail

The polling fell solidly on party lines with the majority of Independents siding with Republicans. The report states, “Republicans (94 – 4 percent) and independents (60 – 32 percent) disapprove of the job Biden is doing, while Democrats approve 80 – 10 percent.”

When it’s broken down issue by issue, it’s a pretty bleak picture:

  • the response to the coronavirus: 48 percent approve, while 50 percent disapprove;
  • the economy: 39 percent approve, while 55 percent disapprove;
  • his job as Commander in Chief of the U.S. military: 37 percent approve, while 58 percent disapprove;
  • taxes: 37 percent approve, while 54 percent disapprove;
  • foreign policy: 34 percent approve, while 58 percent disapprove;
  • immigration issues: 25 percent approve, while 67 percent disapprove;
  • the situation at the Mexican border: 23 percent approve, while 67 percent disapprove.

It isn’t much better when looking at Joe Biden as a human being:

  • cares about average Americans: 49 percent say yes, while 48 percent say no, compared to 58 – 37 percent yes in April;
  • is honest: 44 percent say yes, while 50 percent say no, compared to 51 – 42 percent yes in April;
  • has good leadership skills: 41 percent say yes, while 56 percent say no, compared to 52 – 44 percent yes in April.

The same pollster released another poll yesterday showing that the majority of Americans would rather have the House of Representatives in GOP hands.

Even leftwing MSNBC can’t ignore Biden’s new poll numbers.

Rasmussen, who is often accused of being a “rightwing” polling company took the opportunity to savor the moment.

It’s great that Americans can see that this President and the entire administration is just a hot mess, but there is one question that still needs to be asked…

What the hell is wrong with 38% of the country?!

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