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‘THE BIG LIE’: 3 Crazy Whoppers Dems Were Pushing THIS Week

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It has often been said that the things Democrats accuse their rivals of are the very things of which they themselves are most guilty.

It’s called ‘projection’. For a party that was tossing around the Third Reich’s term The Big Lie to score political points against Republicans, it’s a handy reference point to keep in mind when evaluating their tactics.

After all, the Durham investigation finally drew a direct causal line between the ‘Russian Collusion’ narrative that dogged the Trump presidency and a political smear job cooked up by Clinton allies, which some FBI insiders were more than happy to run with to the kneecapping of a duly-elected president. (On a related note, keep your popcorn handy as more subpoenas are forthcoming.)

Here is just a sampling of three Big Lies the Dems have been caught in lately. This tweet tees it up beautifully…

The Afghanistan Hearings

When the top brass advising Biden and overseeing the Afghanistan debacle finally came to be questioned, Matt Gaetz blasted their ‘big lie’.

While Milley was hobnobbing with reporters finishing their book deals, ‘we were all buying into the Big Lie that this was ever going to be successful and that we could rely on the Afghanistan government at all.’

Even the ‘not leaving anyone behind’ has gone exactly backward. We’ve got incidents of rape and men with child brides waltzing into the country while independent actors trying to repatriate actual Americans are being blocked by our own government.

Hot Air: Evacuation charter flight with Americans on board denied permission to land in U.S.

Their ‘Free’ Multi-Trillion-dollar Budget Initiatives

The latest Bernie Sanders budget initiatives have gone off the rails because even Democrats can’t agree on whether to pay for them, or which initiatives they want to support.

They don’t need even a single Republican vote to ram this through, but can’t even agree among themselves what the spending means.

Here is the harsh reality they are up against.

If you thought inflation hitting new thirty-year highs in August was a bitter pill, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

COVID Concerns And A Secure Southern Border

Logically, COVID can either be…

“… an existential threat so serious that the government can and must countermand personal rights involving employment, travel and association by insisting on intrusive mandates up to and including Vaccine requirements.”

Or it can be…

… “no big deal”.

Honest people need to be on one side or the other. Pragmatists might be found holding some sort of a nuanced intermediate view.

Democrats, on the other hand, bound neither by honesty nor ethics, have the luxury of believing both extremes, however the political winds suit them.

At this moment in time, hundreds of Americans are being stripped of their employment for no other reason than a refusat to accept the imposition of a vaccine. This is a vaccine whose efficacy is so dubious that not even a year after it was made available, people are already lining up to receive their third dose of protection in a ‘booster’ shot… with the government changing language so that ‘fully vaccinated’ will now indicate having received the booster shot.

Reasonable lines of argument for objecting to such measures abound, ranging from personal rights rationales to various risk-benefit considerations among different demographics. They even raise the comparative efficacy of natural immunity versus the legion examples of ‘breakout cases’ among the vaccinated… directly contradicting the predictions of our ‘experts’ whose authority we are expected to defer to specifically because they are ‘in the know’.

Americans are obligated to take medication, or else.

Are people illegally flooding across our border expected to accept the same obligations? Nope.

Democrats have explicitly opposed legislation that would obligate illegal immigrants from receiving the vaccine despite claims made by their own party that the reason so many people among various minorities have not already gotten ‘the jab’ was because of a systemically racist system that denied black and brown people access to such ‘life saving’ vaccines.

On Wednesday afternoon Representative Mariannette Miller-Meeks (R-IA) attempted to bring her REACT Act — which would require a negative Wuhan coronavirus test for any illegal immigrant before they are released from custody — to the House floor for consideration, but 217 Democrats voted to block consideration of the proposal. — LegalInsurrection

If it really is as bad as they say, it makes you wonder why these bigoted Democrats don’t want to take steps to save the lives of these desperate immigrants.

There is still one plausible explanation… maybe the risk of COVID at the border is entirely misunderstood and overblown. Is that the case here?

Well, Alejandro Mayorkas finally found his way to the border. Let’s check in on what he found when he was there.

Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas said Monday that the “rate of illness” among illegal immigrants who have arrived at the US-Mexico border in recent months is “approximately 20 percent” — days after admitting that thousands of Haitian migrants who set up a temporary encampment under a bridge in Del Rio, Texas were not tested for COVID-19.

“When one is speaking of 7,000 or 7,500 people encountered at the border every day, if one takes a look at that system, it is not built for that in a COVID environment where isolation is required,” Mayorkas said during remarks at the Immigration Law and Policy Conference.

This is true. The current system is not designed for isolation. It was designed for rapid entry into America by as many foreigners of dubious credentials as they could possibly cram in… so long as they aren’t from Cuba.

We know this because of his own statement last Sunday…

“It is this policy, the policy of this administration, uh, we do not agree with building of the wall. The law provides that individuals can make a claim for humanitarian relief. That’s actually one of our proudest traditions,” —DefConNews

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