Tone Deaf Obama Dismisses Parental Outrage At Virginia School Boards As ‘Phony, Trumped-Up Culture War’ (VIDEO)

Written by K. Walker on October 25, 2021

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Democrats in Virginia seem to be pretty desperate if they’re bringing out Obama to stump for Terry McAuliffe.

But will it do any good now that Terry’s gone all-in on demonizing parents who are outraged about what is going on in public schools?

McAuliffe has basically called parents opposed to Critical Race Theory in schools “racist” and said during the gubernatorial debate that “parents shouldn’t be telling schools what they should teach.”

His opponent, political newcomer Glenn Younkin, has capitalized on this and has taken a stand for parents’ rights.

The race is now neck-and-neck between Younkin and McAuliffe. The longtime Democrat, McAuliffe, a Clinton-era hack, keeps making strategic missteps that help his opponent.

But it’s not just CRT, it’s everything — it’s the mask mandates, how the schools were forced online for months, and the transgender policy, which was a lightning rod topic before the pandemic.

Barry, seemingly oblivious to the grassroots parental outrage coupled with the overt contempt by the Loudoun County School Board in their attempts to silence and intimidate parents, came out to stump for McAuliffe and dismissed it all as a ginned-up controversy fueled by “right-wing media.” Of course.

It’s just a “phony, trumped-up culture war,” issue eh? Let’s not forget that Democrats just made a big deal about a Dave Chappelle comedy special on Netflix — the same streaming provider that Barry and Michelle signed a lucrative, multiyear contract — though the Obamas have kept quiet about the controversy.

But even worse, this is from the same person who pushed said “culture war” issue of transgender bathroom use back in 2016. 

It looks like the former President has been partying with his “sophisticated, vaccinated crowd” of globalists a little too much and has lost touch with what is happening with average Americans.

What’s been going on in Loudoun County has been the subject of a lot of ClashDaily articles recently. It’s in “right-wing media” because Corporate Media won’t touch it with a 10-foot pole.

It isn’t just parents that are upset about these issues — some of the teachers are as well.

Obama is right about the “phony, trumped-up culture war” — just not in the way that he thinks he is.

There is indeed a “phony, trumped-up culture war” happening in schools relating to transgender students and bathrooms, but it isn’t the right that is pushing it.

The left has decided that we need to wholly alter our society, and put women and children at risk of abuse, in order to cater to the feelings of a tiny sliver of the population who insist that they were “born in the wrong body.”

Women’s-only spaces need to be preserved because of the danger that predators could pose to the vulnerable. For example, this summer, there were protests in California after a man was in the women’s section of Wi Spa and allegedly exposed his partially-erect penis to children. Months later it was revealed that although the individual involved is legally considered a “woman” in California, Darren Merager is a registered sex offender who was twice convicted of indecent exposure.

This is the crux of the issue — sick, twisted people will use the transgender bathroom policy for nefarious reasons to gain entry and hurt women and girls.

Perhaps jetting between his mansion in Martha’s Vineyard, his swanky home in Chicago, visiting Hawaii, and his mansion in D.C. Obama missed the part where the Loudoun County School Board appears to have concealed a vicious rape by a “boy in a skirt” from parents and apparently sent the boy to another school where he allegedly sexually assaulted another girl, all because the Loudoun County School Board wanted to protect their transgender bathroom policy.

Teachers unions then appealed to the FBI to investigate harassment of school board members by parents and made the father of the girl who was raped the poster boy for “domestic terrorism” for responding in rage when the Loudoun County Superintendent said that there had been no reported incidents of sexual assault by transgender students in bathrooms. Allegedly, the “boy in a skirt” doesn’t identify as transgender, but as bisexual and wears dresses sometimes because he likes them.

ClashDaily covered that horrific incident here:

Dad Dragged Out Of School Board Meeting Was About To Expose COVER-UP Of Daughter’s Rape By ‘Boy In A Skirt’

Fox News reports,”[p]arents did not take kindly to Obama’s remarks.”

“That is the most tone-deaf statement I have ever heard,” Brandon Michon, a frustrated father of three in Loudoun County, Virginia, told Fox News on Sunday. “First and foremost, everything that has come up with the cover-up in Loudoun County has to do with a sexual assault on girls. To say that this is trumped-up as a political thing is laughable.”

Michon referenced allegations that Loudoun County Superintendent Scott Ziegler and the school board covered up the report that a male student in a skirt allegedly assaulted a female student in a girls’ bathroom – while the board was considering a controversial transgender rule. A bombshell email last week revealed that Ziegler had notified the board about the assault about a month before he publicly declared that he had no record of bathroom assaults. Prosecutors confirmed that the same young man who stands accused in that May incident also stands accused of sexual assault in an October incident in another school.

Parents have demanded the resignations of Ziegler and the board, and Youngkin has joined them in those demands…

…”Obama is clearly clueless or intentionally misleading the crowd,” Laura Zorc, director of education reform at Building Education for Students Together (BEST), told Fox News in an interview on Sunday. A parent and former school board member, Zorc has trained hundreds of parents to engage with their school boards. Her organization combats COVID-19 restrictions and critical race theory, pushing for school choice.

“Parents are fed up with politics being forced down the throats of our kids,” Zorc added. “Parental rights is on the ballot in Virginia. This is not a Republican or a Democrat issue – it’s a parents issue.”

“Parents are craving leadership that will protect them from the wokism,” she added. “Youngkin is clearly the only candidate willing to fight for parents. Obama peddling this nonsense shows he is in denial that anything is wrong.”
Source: Fox News

Barry can rail all he wants about the “phony, trumped-up culture wars” but this ain’t it, Chief. This is the real deal. Parents are outraged and Democrats keep poking the bear.

When Mama Bear and Papa Bear wake up, they’re not going to like the result… parents are choosing Younkin.

It’s pretty clear why. The GOP gubernatorial candidate says that what happened in Loudoun County was “gross negligence” and says that there should be resignations.

Youngkin is right.

It’s going to be tough for the Democrats to fight against that.

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