WATCH: Comedian Puts Vax Mandates Through The Woodchipper… Using Tacos

Written by K. Walker on October 1, 2021

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Succinct. Accurate. Damning.

In just 3 minutes, stand-up comedian Brent Pella explains the bizarre, convoluted logic of vaccine mandates using tacos as a metaphor.

For the past year and a half, the entire world has suffered through Pandemic Porn from the Corporate Media and 24/7 coverage of select “medical experts” who are telling us to wear masks, watch out for droplets, and maintain “social distancing.” They also said that anti-lockdown protests and Trump rallies were bad and “super-spreader” events, but Black Lives Matter protests/George Floyd Riots and the ongoing insurrection in Portland were hunky-dory. Now, these “experts” are pushing hard for universal vaccination with novel vaccines that don’t have long-term efficacy data, and a booster jab within a year of roll-out.

Some of the “experts” even admitted that they knew that the elderly were at the highest risk for serious illness and death, but decided to focus on getting vaccines to minority communities because older people skewed white. These ghouls would rather let old white people die — because they’re white — and give the vaccine to a young, minority person who is much less likely to suffer from serious illness if they get the ‘Rona. This plan was nearly adopted by the CDC because “equity” is a top priority for the Biden-Harris administration.

Meanwhile, anyone who disagrees with the orthodoxy and suggests “focused protection” of people at high risk, or discusses treatment for an airborne respiratory virus is sidelined, vilified, and labeled “anti-science” as though “science” means never questioning the “experts” on their assumptions. (How about we ask Copernicus and Galileo about that…)

Politicians have taken the fear-mongering “experts” word as absolute and have instituted policies like lockdowns and mask and vaccine mandates that have caused absolute devastation to businesses and individual lives.

They’re forcing millions of people who have already recovered from the Wuhan Virus to get vaccinated when there is no scientific reason to do so because they already have natural immunity.

If you disagree, they’ll call you “evil.”

The dogmatic insistence by the Powers That Be to force people who are unvaccinated to “get the jab” is creepy weird. But you aren’t allowed to talk about that even though it raises some questions…

But in the midst of it all, there are some voices that are making sense of the nonsense.

Unfortunately, it’s not the “medical experts” like Saint Fauci who talks of “mitigation” and “diminution” in his unachievable goal of stopping people from getting sick altogether — no, in this case, our heroes aren’t all wearing scrubs, they’re wearing high-tops or they’re behind a microphone.

Some NBA Players Are Refusing The COVID Vaccines And Corporate Media Is Going NUTS (VIDEO)

We now live in a world where professional athletes and comedians are making more sense than our public health officials and politicians.

God help us.


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