CHINA: Xi Tightens Grip On Power … While Their Military Practices Sinking US Navy

Written by Wes Walker on November 8, 2021

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While Democrat wish lists pour more taxpayer dollars into everything BUT the military, China is gradually shifting its stance from an international competitor to a regional aggressor.

America is still dealing with the reputational fallout of Biden having his nose bloodied in the Afghanistan debacle.

China flexed its deterrence capabilities with the launch of its hypersonic missile. They have made it painfully clear that their conquest of Taiwan (against the will of those who actually live there) is a question of ‘when’, not ‘if’.

Two recent developments are worth paying attention to…

Xi’s grip on power

The official Xinhua News Agency said president and party General Secretary Xi issued a draft resolution on the party’s “major achievements and historical experience” at the Central Committee’s plenary session that opened on Monday.

Scholars say that will mark the party’s third major statement on its 100-year history, shoring up Xi’s status as an equal to founder of the Chinese People’s Republic Mao Zedong and his successor Deng Xiaoping, who oversaw crucial economic reforms.

China removed term limits on the presidency in 2018, potentially keeping Xi at the apex of power for the rest of his life. He is expected to be reappointed party leader through a highly opaque process at next year’s full party congress, an event held every five years. —AP

Why is this important? The last two CCP leaders who had an official statement like this were … Mao and Deng.

Chinese PLA military actions

It seems like we are hearing about some new Chinese military act of posturing with every passing day, especially those waves of CCP incursions into Taiwanese air space. But there’s something else going on that should be far more concerning to American forces.

They’ve got full-scale mockups of our aircraft carriers — and other ships — set up in the desert for their missile crews to practice shooting at.

Satellite images show China has built mock-ups of a U.S. Navy aircraft carrier and destroyer in its northwestern desert, possibly as practice for a future naval clash as tensions rise between the nations.

…The images captured by Colorado-based satellite imagery company Maxar Technologies dated Sunday show the outlines of a U.S. aircraft carrier and at least one destroyer sitting on a railway track.

Maxar identified the location as Ruoqiang, a Taklamakan Desert county in the northwestern Xinjiang region.

The independent U.S. Naval Institute said on its website that the mock-ups of U.S. ships were part of a new target range developed by the People’s Liberation Army. —NBCNews

Is that a big deal, maybe?

Should we start giving serious priority to de-coupling our economy from China’s? Because if our key manufacturing (including life-saving pharmaceuticals!) is coming from a country that has declared war on us or an ally, that puts us in a really tough spot, don’t you think?

Meanwhile, here in America, are we really expected to look for leadership from this guy?

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