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CNN’s Don Lemon Spotted In The Free State Of Florida After Blasting Gov. DeSantis’s COVID Response (VIDEO)

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Why did Don Lemon go and lounge by a resort pool in a state that he says has been “dangerous” in its handling the Coronavirus pandemic?

The Corporate Media has despised the way that some GOP-run states have prioritized individual liberty in the midst of the pandemic instead of tossing aside the Bill of Rights when dealing with a virus that has a better than 99% recovery rate for the vast majority of individuals.

In particular, the leftist journos have a particular loathing for Florida’s Governor Ron DeSantis who has based his decisions on science, the data, pre-2020 pandemic response, instead of adopting the same sort of heavy-handed lockdown model promoted by the Chinese Communist Party.

CNN’s Don Lemon has long criticized the way that Governor Ron DeSantis has handled the pandemic — crowing when case counts go up, but staying silent as the case counts drop.

Lemon blasted Governor Ron DeSantis’s comments about the efficacy of masks — specifically forcing kids to wear masks all day in school — as “bullsh*t.”

There is no science to mask kids. The pearl-clutching over the threat that the virus is to children is wildly overblown. Even the New York Times admitted it.

After 20 Months Of Pandemic Porn, ONE Reporter At The New York Times Tells The Truth About COVID And Age

Despite this, here’s Lemon dropping a naughty word on CNN:

What’s weird is Mr. “Masks Work And Everyone Should Wear Them” was spotted on Palm Beach Island lounging by a resort pool without wearing a mask.

Now, for those of us who don’t think that masks do much to protect people from the airborne respiratory virus, it’s perfectly reasonable to be outdoors without a mask.

But this is Don Lemon, super-Lib, who wants to mask up children in school all day long despite low risk from the virus and he’s in a place that’s a veritable Petri dish for the spread of the virus.

Except… according to the Sun-Sentinel:

Florida now has the lowest rate of daily COVID cases per capita of any other state

Why is he even in Florida when he warned viewers about the danger that the anti-mask, anti-lockdown approach of DeSantis would put them at risk for contracting the virus?

Could it be because he’s a giant hypocrite?

Why yes, that’s precisely it.

The man is a partisan hack, but he’s also become a meme.

K. Walker

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