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DEAR AL GORE: 15 Cargo Ships Have Been Trapped In Arctic Sea Ice For 2 Weeks

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Wait — wasn’t Arctic sea ice supposed to be gone by now according to the climate-grifting millionaire, Al Gore?

Well, this is going to be awkward.

Icebreakers are headed to the Arctic to help break out 15 cargo ships — including an oil tanker — that have been trapped since early November.

Diesel-powered icebreaker Novorossisk early this week made its way into the Chukchi Sea with course for the ships that are battling to make it out of the sea-ice in the East Siberian Sea.

The vessels, among them an oil tanker and several fully loaded bulk carriers, have been captured in thick sea-ice in the far eastern Arctic waters since early November as an early freeze took captains and shipping companies by surprise.

Over the last weeks, only one icebreaker, the nuclear-powered Vaigach, has been available for escorts through the increasingly icy waters. That has been insufficient to aid the many vessels that have been on their way across the Northern Sea Route.

Over the past years, ice conditions in late October and early November have allowed extensive shipping along the vast Russian Arctic coast. This year, however, large parts of the remote Arctic waters were already in late October covered by sea-ice. There is now an ice layer more than 30 cm thick cross most of the Laptev Sea and East Siberian Sea. And in the strait separating the mainland with the Island of Wrangel is an area with more than a meter thick multi-year old ice.
Source: The Barents Observer

The good news is that the ships are getting out of there, but it’s taking some time.

According to The Barents Observer, over a four-day span, the icebreaker Vaigach has “escorted four westbound vessels to the New Siberian Islands” as well as “assisted an eastbound group of vessels towards the island of Wrangel.” It was then expected to return westward and escort the first group of ships towards the ice-free waters in the Kara Sea.

The icebreaker Novorossisk was still making its way to the area at the time of the report.

Two more icebreakers, the nuclear-powered Yamal, and her sister ship, 50 Let Pobedy, were also supposed to assist in the operation but had not yet left Murmansk.

This isn’t the first time that an early freeze in the Arctic has caught mariners by surprise. Back in September 2019, a film team shooting a documentary on climate change unexpectedly got stuck in Arctic ice.

LMAO: Look Whose Ship Just Got Trapped In The Arctic Circle

But how is this even possible?

Nobel Laureate, Al Gore, told us that Arctic Ice would pretty much be gone by now.

Back in 2009, at the COP15 climate summit where politicians, celebrities, and climate grifters rub shoulders and spew hot air about how the “little people” must be forced to change their ways, Gore said there was a 75% chance that the entire northern polar ice cap would be gone in the summer months by 2014. If that was true, then how do you have “multi-year old” sea ice?

According to an article in Nature, “first-year ice grows much more rapidly than its thicker, older counterpart.” It’s interesting that it’s the multi-year ice that scientists in that same article are saying is 95% gone that has hindered the passage of the shipping vessels weeks before they thought the route was inaccessible.

Here is Gore in 2009 talking about the disappearing sea ice:

How anyone can take that windbag seriously is a complete mystery.

We’ve known for years that Gore has made some pretty tidy profits from his “go green” eco-investments as he continues to push the “existential threat” of climate change and continue to live as though he doesn’t believe that it’s real.

For some unknown reason, Gore is still invited to these climate events even though he’s been consistently wrong.

It’s pretty easy to see why — the grift continues to make a fortune by pushing for you to change your ways:

This FAMOUS Activist Stands To Make MILLIONS From The Anti-Meat Movement

When paired with leftwing government policies pushing even more “Big Green”, Gore and his ilk continue to make an absolute killing while paying for “carbon offsets” because they can afford them. Meanwhile, we’re stuck paying $7/gallon to drive our cars that the elites don’t think we should even own.

We’re basically living in a country where climate oligarchs like Gore are calling the shots and if you say anything about it, or suggest that the giant ball of flaming gas in the sky that provides heat and light has something to do with global temperature, you’re labeled as a “denier” because the “science is settled.”

We’re at the same global temperature as 20 years ago, but the science is “settled.”

Earlier this month, Gore was on MSNBC and told Andrea Mitchell that there is a mass surveillance system in place to see where greenhouse gas emissions are coming from and that information of the biggest emitters will be available publicly and investors can act accordingly. It’s all part of the massive “sustainability revolution”, Comrade.

Actually, it sounds a helluva lot like a religion, and some of us already have one of those, thanks.

Rebranding “global warming” to “climate change” certainly was a brilliant move because it’s now unfalsifiable. That means, that no matter what happens, Al Gore continues to pad his bank accounts and influence public policy to make even more.

The problem is, his grift has consequences for the rest of us, and that is a huge problem — those who aren’t fabulously wealthy are going to suffer.

The elites like Al Gore, however, just don’t seem to care.

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