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HUMAN RIGHTS: Here’s What MTG Saw When She Visited The Jan 6 (Political) Prisoners (VIDEO)

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For holding the ‘wrong’ political opinions, they are being mistreated by a government that still has not proven them guilty of any crime.

We are not particularly shocked when we read stories of the egregious abuse of political prisoners in places like China. We understand that there is a political regime there that will crush anyone it sees as a threat or an obstacle. Rights don’t even enter into the conversation. For example, here are two current headlines now on the Epoch Times website: 2 Days Before Release, Prisoner of Conscience in China Beaten to Death; Washington ‘Deeply Concerned’ About Health of Jailed Chinese Citizen Journalist, Calls for Immediate Release.

But when we evidence comes to light of similar abuses of power closer to home, it hits differently. This is supposed to be America, after all. A place where justice was not a cudgel used to kneecap political enemies, and empower political allies.

And yet, here we are, reading about Journalists like O’Keefe having his journalistic contacts seized in a pre-dawn FBI raid, or Democrat allies facing charges for the (largely successful) Russia Collusion smear campaign (or ‘insurance policy’) waged against President Trump and his inner circle.

We hear about concerned parents in community meetings being sized up as ‘terrorists’ by their own government.

And now? We are learning about the abridgment of the most basic of rights against unconvicted Americans being held without bail in connection with the events of January 6th.

They are medically neglected, malnourished, denied religious expression, and even told to recant their sincerely-held beliefs as though they are being examined by some kind of a secular reboot of a 16th century Inquisitor.

Here is Marjorie Taylor Green talking with Tucker Carlson about what she saw on her visit to the detainees.

The left, and the quisling ‘Republicans’ who lend a patina of ‘bipartisanship’ to the Jan 6 witch-hunt would gladly see these unconvicted American citizens swing from the yardarm just for being sympathetic to the pro-Trump rallies.

The presumption of innocence is lost on them.

As for Liz Cheney claiming that we aren’t supposed to ask any questions about the involvement of the FBI? Trust is earned, especially by a partisan group that has shown itself both willing and able to break the law to benefit Democrats and hurt Republicans.

We’re still sorting through the implications of Crossfire Hurricane, and wrongful prosecution of General Flynn on evidence forged by the DOJ.

We aren’t getting answers about key players who have a documented role in agitating various crowds to bust into the Capitol. Reporters And Congress Asking: What Role Did The FEDS Play In Making Jan 6 Possible?

Do they think we’ve already forgotten about these stories and the pattern they represent?

Wes Walker

Wes Walker is the author of "Blueprint For a Government that Doesn't Suck". He has been lighting up since its inception in July of 2012. Follow on twitter: @Republicanuck

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