LGB: World Health Says NOT To Follow Biden’s Example With New Variant

Written by Wes Walker on November 29, 2021

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For a guy who ran on a platform of COVID response, Joe is doing one hell of a job botching the process.

He might endlessly spout platitudes about ‘believing the science’, but in actual practice, it’s political hacks that are calling the shots.

Even his globalist buddies at the UN are tired of him and calling his response ‘anti-science’.

‘WHO stands with African countries which had the courage to boldly share life-saving public health information, helping protect the world against the spread of COVID-19.’

South African President Cyril Ramaphosa called the restrictions ‘completely unjustified.’

‘The prohibition of travel is not informed by science, nor will it be effective in preventing the spread of this variant,’ he said in a speech Sunday evening.

‘The only thing the prohibition on travel will do is to further damage the economies of the affected countries, and undermine the ability to respond to, and also to recover from, the pandemic.’ – DailyMail

Surely this will come as a great shock to the self-proclaimed personification of (capital-S) Science himself, the prevaricating authoritarian Smurf, Little Lord Fauci.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that they disagreed with Biden’s actions. Even Biden disagreed with Biden’s actions, as shown here: Biden BANS Travel From 8 AFRICAN Countries Due To ‘Variant Of Concern’ — Is That Racist?

What do we know about the latest variant that has been hyped as a so-called ‘super-strain’?

Well, early indications show it’s hardly the ‘monster under the bed’ they would have us believe it is.

The new Covid variant Omicron could turn out to be a ‘Christmas gift’ if it causes milder illness, a German health expert claimed today after South African doctors said the strain appears to cause less severe symptoms.

Medics in South Africa said the strain is causing mild symptoms — such as a headache and tiredness — than previous versions of the virus and hasn’t led to a single hospitalisation or death.

Professor Karl Lauterbach, a clinical epidemiologist who is in the running to be Germany’s next health minister, said the early reports means Omicron could be a Christmas gift and may even speed up the end of the pandemic. — DailyMail

Maybe if he surrounds himself with a few advisors who have NOT invested in pushing a certain political/health narrative, or have financial entanglements or political agendas that align with the embrace of a ‘forever virus’, we’d be looking at ways to resume life as it was, rather than loading up the public with various excess mandates and burdens.

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