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LMAO: YouTuber Creates ‘The Tale Of Kyle Rittenhouse’ As Told By Verified Twitter (VIDEO)

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This video is art.

In just over 15 minutes, it exposes just how wrong the influential “experts” were with regard to the Rittenhouse case.

Have you come across people talking about the Rittenhouse verdict that you’re unsure where it is that they’re getting their information from?

They sound like that they’re from another planet, but… maybe it’s not completely their fault.

Lauren Southern, a libertarian political commentator and journalist, pulled together “The Tale of Kyle Rittenhouse” using tweets from verified accounts. She includes screenshots of the tweets so that you can see her source material.

Southern cites blue-check accounts from Corporate Media, journalists, members of Congress, academics, writers, actors, and other social media influencers.

She wove together a story that is compelling, terrifying, and… completely untrue.

Southern says it is “a glimpse into the parallel universe that progressives inhabit” and hoo-boy, it certainly is!

Brace yourselves.

From the ignorant misrepresentations to the outright lies — that was quite a wild ride!

Is it any wonder that someone who didn’t pay attention to what happened on August 25, 2020, in Kenosha, Wisconsin, and didn’t watch the trial over the past few weeks is so woefully uninformed about the basic details in the case if this is what is presented to them?

Far too many people admitted on Twitter that they didn’t know that the three men shot by Rittenhouse — who can now legally be called the “aggressors” and not “victims” — were actually white guys. As Southern noted in her story, many thought that a white teen shot three black men. How could they not when the Corporate Media has injected race into the coverage at every opportunity?

That’s because the Corporate Media coverage was absolutely disingenuous. It was not dealing with facts, but with a narrative. 

Unfortunately, some of these ignorant people are reasonable, intelligent journalists like Bari Weiss who hadn’t paid much attention to the case. That’s because our Corporate Media is a left-wing echo chamber that pushes a particular ideology very hard. reporter Julio Rosas was in Kenosha covering the protests and was there that night. He gave his eyewitness account of what happened on Guy Benson’s radio show that you can listen to on Fox News.

Rosas has some very good advice for the people who don’t think that justice was served in that Kenosha courthouse on November 19 when Rittenhouse was found not guilty on all charges…

This is why alternative media is so very, very important. Like, share, and spread good articles from a right-wing perspective. It’s the only way to shout back at the Corporate Media trying desperately to squash other voices.


K. Walker

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