OOPS: Jan 6 Commission’s Subpoena Claims Hit A Snag — Hard Evidence

Written by Wes Walker on November 23, 2021

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How is an investigation different from a witch-hunt? One starts with the evidence and looks for an explanation, the other starts with an explanation and looks for evidence.

When Pelosi blocked anyone who hadn’t already voted to impeach Trump from the process, what did we really expect to see but the latter?

Picking up right where they left off with railroading tactics honed during the impeachment circuses, they have already cast a wide net of people they are eager to subpoena, interrogate, and bully.

Steve Bannon is the obvious example but by no means the only one. Now they are looking to subpoena a police chief alleging he was some part of a conspiracy meeting in some sort of a backroom meeting with members of Trump’s team they would have us believe are the most nefarious sorts of people, plotting the end of the Republic.

Their subpoena is every bit as ill-conceived as the entirely lawful phone call cited by Democrats in their second attempt to impeach Trump.

They are issuing a subpoena to former New York Police Commissioner Bernard Kerik, claiming he was meeting with Trump supporters at the Willard Hotel, strategizing how they might still flip the election result. The basis for that subpoena? Bob Woodward’s new book, ‘Peril’, page 234.

Why is that a problem? There are two key reasons that claiming his participation in that meeting is a problem.

First, the claims in the subpoena are contradicted by physical evidence.

Just The News has reviewed toll booth evidence showing Kerik to have been 300 miles away on the night he was supposed to have been meeting with the alleged conspirators.

There’s another, simpler reason. A reason that makes this whole ‘commission’ look like the Kangaroo Court they undoubtedly are.

While Woodward’s book does mention a meeting by some of Trump’s inner circle that night, Woodward makes it clear that this subpoena is grasping at straws.

And that book by Woodward? It makes no claim about Kerik attending a meeting at the Willard on Jan. 5. In fact, the book doesn’t even mention the former NYPD commission once in its 482 pages.

Woodward and his coauthor, fellow Washington Post journalist Robert Costa, confirmed to Just the News in a statement Monday night that they did not allege Kerik attended a Jan. 5 meeting at the Willard.

“The subpoena for Mr. Kerik references page 234 of our book, ‘Peril,'” the Post journalists said. “That page, however, does not mention Mr. Kerik in any way. In fact, he is not mentioned anywhere in our book.” –JustTheNews

They’re using a fictional citation of a page from a political tell-all book for a subpoena?

That’s pretty sloppy. Even for the low bar set by this bunch.