OOPS: Woke Cornell Prof Raged At Maskless Students With VERY Insensitive Language

Written by Wes Walker on November 2, 2021

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One prof saw students defying his meager authority and made it his personal project to destroy them. But his totalitarian instincts led him to cross some important lines.

Oops, indeed.

Cornell, like Berkley, has a reputation for having gone all-in with cultural ‘woke-ness’.

But sometimes these instincts come into conflict with each other. For example, the instinct to control and coerce requires a heavy hand. That heavy hand can make you forget certain aspects of professionalism.

That’s what happened when two students sat in on a class with Bruce C. Monger for an Introductory Oceanography lecture. They were up on the balcony, sitting side-by-side and *gasp* were not wearing masks.

What must that internal dialogue have been like for the professor to pop off the way he did? I’m imagining something like:

“Off with their heads. What, that’s not an option? Alright then, I’m flunking them… quick I need some jack-boot snitches in my class to properly identify them. Anyone?”

His real-life actions weren’t so far removed from that imagined scenario. He made his displeasure clear in an email sent to the entire class. How many times do YOU count him as having gone over the line here?

Regarding Tomorrow’s prelim, and help with masking wearing.

Hi All, I wanted to remind you that you will need your student ID number for tomorrow’s ocean prelim.

Separately, I wanted to ask for your help in identifying two ocean students who were photographed with their masks off during the ocean class last Friday. They were sitting next to each other in the balcony’s front row seating. One student is a male with red hair and a fairly prominent hooked nose. His hair was pretty long ( just below the bottom of his ears) and is pretty thick and wavy. He was wearing a blue swearshirt and was eating something at the time. He spent the whole lecture with his mask down around his chin. If/when I find the identity of these two students, I will be failing both for the semester as I promised I would in class last Wednesday.


Hard to say whether it would be worse if the teacher took the photo, or if some pathetic student felt the need to play hall monitor and took the pic to snitch on those who ‘failed’ to wear a mask in an environment with very nearly 100% of population having been vaccinated.

The flunking a kid over masks response? Seems pretty extreme.

Giving a detailed description of ‘offenders’ and soliciting the help of other students to turn them in? That’s bad too.

But this is a ‘woke’ university. The worst crimes in those environments are always real or imagined offenses against diversity.

Let’s look back at those descriptions, shall we? “One student is a male with red hair and a fairly prominent hooked nose.”

Uh-oh. There are some physical features that most people are smart enough not to describe in such blunt terms for reasons of sensitivity.

Let’s see how that email went over. Cornell was put in a position where they had to respond publicly to the email. That’s never a good sign.

The university also responded to criticism of Monger’s physical descriptions of the students, saying the professor “described the students’ physical characteristics in ways that do not reflect Cornell values.”

“Dr. Monger has since acknowledged that his approach to dealing with unmasked students in class was not handled in an appropriate manner,” Cornell said.

In guidance on how to address “noncompliant” students, the dean’s office does not list failing a student as one of the allowed consequences for a student refusing to wear a face mask properly. Faculty are instructed to report “egregious or repetitive non-compliant behavior” through the school’s proper channels.

Sorry Monger. Nobody’s having their heads lopped off — or their classess flunked — because you happen to have your panties in a twist. That’s not how this works.

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