‘The View’ Coven Cuts Off Virtual Guest Jedediah Bila For Sharing Accurate COVID Information (VIDEO)

Written by K. Walker on November 17, 2021

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The reunion with former co-host Jedediah Bilah on Tuesday was less than welcoming.

The vitriol came from Joy Behar and her slightly darker, slightly dumber Mini-Me, Sunny Hostin.

But then, what did you expect from Behar and Hostin? All they do is spit out left-wing talking points and reject anything that challenges their assumptions.

Recently, “The View” has brought on multiple guests hosts after the departure of Meghan McCain who described a less-than-cordial atmosphere with her co-hosts. They’ve also brought back some of the women who were part of the panel over the years.

Jedediah Bila was the designated lightning rod to spark drama — also known as the token conservative — on “The View” for one season between 2016 and 2017. She was fired from the show but says that she had a great relationship and no off-camera drama. Bila then went on to Fox News, became a mom, and wrote a book.

It was promoting the new book that brought her back to the show.

After a warm opening reminiscing on Bila’s brief stint as co-host, shrieking harpy Co-host Joy Behar pushed beyond the pleasantries and started questioning why Bila chose not to get vaccinated. As Bila begins her explanation, Behar interrupts her to tell her that they “only have a certain amount of time” to speak thereby taking time away from Bila.

Sunny Hostin then comes in and exposes to the world yet again that she is an intolerant, ignorant termagant who has an inability to process new information. She must be a favorite to the aging, leftwing wine moms that apparently still watch the show.

Eventually, Whoopi Goldberg swoops in and cuts off the segment.

BEHAR: Okay, Jed. Let’s address the elephant in the room because you were supposed to join us in the studio weeks ago, but you couldn’t because ABC has a very strict policy. You can’t get into this building unless you’re fully vaccinated. Everybody in this room knows that and is vaccinated. But you made a conscious decision to not get the vaccine. Now, the CDC says a person is 10 times less likely to be hospitalized from COVID and 11 times less likely to die if they’ve gotten the vaccine. So, why didn’t you get it?

BILA: Yeah, so my story is a little bit unique. I’ll share that first before I get into the CDC numbers but, I actually have a medical…

BEHAR: Remember, we only have a certain amount of time, Jed, if you want to get everything in.

BILA: So, I wanna let people know why I’m not there. I have a medical exemption to the vaccine that has been written by my infectious disease vaccinated specialist in New York City that has been co-signed by three other doctors. I’m not a candidate for this vaccine. I also have sky-high, multi-tiered, multifaceted natural immunity — very, very high — that has also been proven, it has been shown, and it has been substantiated by these doctors. So, for me, personally, this vaccine poses a greater risk than a benefit. I’m also not a risk to any of you. I know there’s been a lot of debate about that, but I’ve got these doctors that have gone on record with that as well. So, my point about all of this is that I am not anti-vaxx — what I really want is for people to make these decisions for themselves. I want every one of you to sit with your family members, to sit with your trusted doctors and to say, “what is the best decision for me?” However, I do oppose mandates. I oppose them on the fact that… let’s look at the science. This is a vaccine that was created to prevent severity of disease and to prevent hospitalizations. Now, we could have a whole debate on that in itself, but the vaccine does not prevent you from getting COVID and does not from transmitting COVID.

BEHAR: Oh my goodness!

BILA: That’s the reality. And we’ve seen that —

BEHAR: No, that’s not so. Come on! You’ve been at Fox TV too long.

BILA: You don’t have to listen to me on that. You don’t have to listen to me. You can listen to the Director of the CDC, you can look at the CDC’s website. That’s why masks were reinstated for people who were vaccinated, because they said — they admitted — they came out and said that for this Delta Variant, transmission is going to be a thing for the vaccinated and the unvaccinated.

HOSTIN: I don’t… You know what, Jed —

BILA: I’m not opposed to the vaccine but I am opposed to the mandate 100% on the grounds of science.

HOSTIN: You know what, Jed… seven hundred and sixty-two thousand people have died from COVID including Manny’s in-laws. And I just — we’ve been friends a long time but I just — Manny’s parents. I just don’t understand why you would choose to prioritize your personal freedom over health and safety of others and I just —

BILA: So, again, Sunny, again I am prioritizing —

HOSTIN: I just — I just really don’t think that we should allow this kind of misinformation on our website. We’ve had the U.S. —

BILA: Again, Sunny, again… I am prioritizing —

HOSTIN: We’ve had the United States Surgeon General debunk —

BILA: Yes, I heard what he said.

HOSTIN: …everything that you’ve just said.

BILA: No. So when you had the Surgeon General on first of all —

HOSTIN: And I just really don’t think that we should allow this kind of misinformation on our air. I’m really sorry, my friend.

BILA: Sunny. Sunny. Sunny, first of all —

HOSTIN: I’m really sorry my friend.

BILA: Sunny, first of all, I would say to you, as a friend, what I just said to you is I am prioritizing my health. And people talk about the common good —

HOSTIN: Over the health and safety over other people.

BILA: You’re not going to have a common good if you’re not prioritizing your own health.

HOSTIN: Over the health and safety over other people.

BILA: You had the Surgeon General on —

GOLDBERG: This should sound very — This should sound very familiar to you, Jed…

BILA: You guys aren’t going to let me talk.

GOLDBERG: This should sound very familiar to you: we’ve gotta go to break. And so I have to say thanks to Jedediah Bila.

BILA: Follow the science, people. Follow the science.

GOLDBERG: You can buy Jed’s book, “Dear Hartley” starting today and everyone in the audience, you’re each going home with a copy of it.

Watch the heated exchange here:

The harpies on The View just can’t handle that there are some people that are at more risk from the vaccine as from COVID.

Bila contracted the China Virus in April 2020 and has antibodies — which is what the vaccine is supposed to give you. Why does she need it?

After the segment, Bila posted a clip of CDC Director Rochelle Walensky saying that the vaccinated can contract and spread the virus just as the unvaccinated.

Bila is right — facts matter.

Here is the prevaricating, authoritarian smurf, Dr. Anthony Fauci admitting that we haven’t had a proper discussion or study on natural immunity.

Other countries acknowledge “natural immunity” from infection as equivalent to vaccination at lest for several months.

This has been an issue throughout this pandemic — all that we knew about infectious diseases and specifically airborne respiratory viruses appeared to be discarded and replaced with recommendations that just don’t make any sense. And God help you if you question disinfecting your groceries, the efficacy of slapping a dirty piece of cloth on your face, or standing six feet away from a person when we know that the virus is airborne.

It appears that the “medical experts” work backward from a conclusion and then try to make the data work. They’re doing that right now with vaccination. They promised that just getting the jab would end the pandemic, but that didn’t happen. Now, they’re saying that children, who are at very low risk from this virus and don’t really spread it to adults, must be vaccinated to stop the spread. Meanwhile, the vaccinated need to line up for boosters every few months because of failing efficacy.

Data from other countries also shows that the vaccinated are not getting just getting a mild illness, but are also ending up hospitalized and some are dying. That’s why Israel has proposed a fourth shot in less than a year.

But you can’t say any of that on “The View.”

Kudos to Jedediah Bila for trying.

“The View” is accurately named — only the leftwing worldview that is accepted and allowed to air.

Here’s the full segment:

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