YO, CALI: Cartels Have Taken Over Your Desert Towns … Does Kamala Care?

Written by Wes Walker on November 17, 2021

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‘This is the Cartels. We are very, very close to driving down the freeways and seeing bodies hanging from the overpasses. That is what’s coming.’

When Dems reply to our concerns about the open border with a smug smile of condescension, this is the harsh reality they are ignoring.

Remember those ‘bad hombres’ Trump was blasted for warning us about? They are taking root in American communities. A new Daily Caller documentary has shone a light on just how bad it is getting in some small-town desert communities of California.

There should be enough red flags here to make everyone take notice, whatever their personal brand of politics.

If you care about human rights, there is the human trafficking element. If you care about homicide and guns? Cartels are involved in violent turf wars that are pushing up the homicide rates.

Even rabid lefties who can find excuses to turn a blind eye to that might take note of the impact that the massive water requirements of enormous marijuana grow-ops have in the midst of severe drought conditions.

ClashDaily saw that issue looming on the horizon way back in 2014, long before the drought conditions had advanced to their current prominence. Pot Lobby vs. Environmentalists: Looming Conflict on the Left?

Eighty miles north of LA used to be an idyllic small town. It was affordable to live there, and a safe place to raise your kids.

And then they started noticing marijuana grow-ops showing up on people’s rural property… without the owners even knowing about them.

‘Within 5 miles of my house, there are probably 50 grows’. [Marijuana grow-ops.]

The local mayor reminds us about the scale of the problem. These are billion-dollar cartels. It’s like declaring war on Amazon — if they were armed and lawless.

Water plays a big role in this story. Much is made of the water trucks involved… because they steal from the local water supply to provide for their criminal operations. They’re hooking rogue water trucks up to hydrants, and even when they buy water legally, it’s a massive drain on the very limited supply.

One abandoned operation that they filmed, with unliveable conditions, even had a gun laying out in the open on the bed.

Here’s the trailer.

[Here’s the link to the documentary itself, in case Twitter pulls that link down.]

How do you think the hikers who shared this story felt about their ‘new neighbors’? Is it ‘racism’ to want to keep people like this out of your hometown?

“He showed us a picture of a red truck with three bullet holes in it with a guy still sitting in it — dead — and he told us ‘this is what happens to you when you come out here’.”

And that doesn’t even get into the slave labor and child trafficking that is referenced in the documentary.

When we see Kamala cackling in response to the millions of people pouring into America — this is how she’s ignoring the impact of her policies on people in her home state.

It’s not just immigration policy that’s hurting them. Those ‘defund the police’ policies are giving cartels the freedom to act with impunity.

Who’s involved? In this documentary, the key players are Mexican nationals, Chinese nationals, with a more recent push from Armenian organizations.

Why do they pick California for these grow-ops? Simple. It’s the only state where illegal cultivation is a misdemeanor and not a felony.

Incentives matter. Could these cartels have any better friends than the Democrats?

Be sure to watch this documentary and share it with some of your liberal family and coworkers who think Biden’s open borders are a wonderful thing.

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