BIDEN’S BROKEN BORDER: 50+ Guatemalan ‘Migrants’ Die En Route To US Border

Written by Wes Walker on December 10, 2021

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Perverse incentives create monstrous consequences. This includes Biden/Harris’s willful neglect of the US/Mexico Border.

Here is yet another example of Democrat policies having a deadly effect on the very people they are supposed to ‘help’.

More than fifty people are dead, and another fifty or so are injured, some of them badly. Early reports suggest they are mostly Guatemalan. They were loaded into a cargo truck as part of one leg of their long journey to America. Witnesses suggest eight or ten children were among the crowd, it is not yet known how many of them are numbered among the dead or wounded.

The cargo container the people had been packed into broke loose from the truck after it flipped, and it crashed to the road.

Because illegal entry is rewarded and incentivized by Democrats, while lawful entry at a border is not, the Cartels see starry-eyed would-be immigrants as a limitless pipeline of free money. They are swarming to America by the thousands, not because they are unsafe in their homeland, but because they have been promised a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow.

Life in America IS the pot of gold they are being promised. But with such promises, there is always a catch.

Every person ferried across the border not only pays the ferryman his toll, but becomes subject to whatever arbitrary rules or conditions are placed on them, including extortion, favors owed (which can never be repaid) while in the US, human trafficking, rape, violence and whatever else. If you want some raw conversation about what’s waiting for the ‘migrants’ who trust their future to the cartels by eyewitnesses to the damage done, check out this Warriors and Wildmen interview featured on ClashDaily earlier this year: Border Mayhem: Here’s The TRUTH About Biden’s Border BS

The human cost alone should be motivation for the supposedly ‘compassionate’ left to lock down the border and complete the building of Trump’s wall if they didn’t have political priorities that made them look the other way from such horrors.

A cargo truck jammed with people who appeared to be Central American migrants and immigrants rolled over and crashed into a pedestrian bridge over a highway in southern Mexico on Thursday, killing at least 53 people and injuring dozens more, authorities reported.

The federal Attorney General’s Office said the preliminary estimate lists 53 dead, with three of the injured in critical condition.

Luis Manuel Moreno, the head of the Chiapas state civil defense office, said about 21 of the injured had serious wounds and were taken to local hospitals.

The crash occurred on a highway leading toward the Chiapas state capital. Photos from the scene showed victims strewn across the pavement and inside the truck’s freight compartment. — WCNC

Ironically, the ambulances rushing them to the hospital had to be overloaded with 3 or 4 patients each, and when those ran out, patients were rushed there in the back of trucks.

Open-borders activists remain suspiciously silent about how these people are being crammed into trucks like livestock by criminal cartels who see their lives as disposable. And the ‘migrants’ themselves are the ones stuck paying a heavy price for it.

Sitting on the pavement beside the overturned trailer, survivor Celso Pacheco of Guatemala said the truck felt like it was speeding and then seemed to lose control under the weight of the migrants inside.

Pacheco said there were migrants from Guatemala and Honduras aboard and estimated there were eight to 10 young children. He said he was trying to reach the United States, but now he expected to be deported to Guatemala.

Rescue workers tried to excavate survivors from a pile of humanity in the flipped trailer, separating the injured from the dead. Dazed wounded stumbled among the wreckage. — WCNC

Witnesses speculate the rollover was caused by the truck’s excessive speed coupled with the weight of its human ‘cargo’ as it rounded a corner.

If people were applying in orderly fashion to enter the border through only lawful means, there would not be a mad rush by people from around the world to flood the country by cooperating with the worst kind of people to circumvent our border.

Then there would be no need to keep that pipeline of people flowing so that cartels could keep making bank and collecting indentured servants for their illicit causes.

Than that truckload of men, women, and children would still be going about their lives in whatever place they called home.

Elections, Obama taunted, have consequences.

He was right. And these consequences were deadly for the very ‘black-and-brown’ people they pretend to champion.

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