Clueless Joe Says Supply Chain Crisis ‘Didn’t Happen’ As ‘Circle Back’ Psaki Lashes Out At ‘Doubters’

Written by K. Walker on December 22, 2021

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The White House is so desperate for good news that they’re now trying to take credit for the behavior of the American people. Shameful.

This is after the White House insisted that a supply chain crisis wasn’t happening. Doubly shameful.

It seems that everything that the Biden-Harris administration touches turns to crap, as Americans quickly learned that they’ve got to look out for Number 1 with this guy in charge.

As a result, when there were warnings in August that there were supply chain issues that could affect Christmas, American consumers adjusted accordingly. Of course, that doesn’t mean that the issue is gone, it just means that Christmas gifts are under the tree.

The New York Times reports, “Fears that a disrupted supply chain could wreak havoc on the logistics industry over the holiday turned out to be wrong as many Americans ordered early and shopped in stores.”

Many consumers helped themselves by shopping early and in person. Retailers ordered merchandise ahead of time and acted to head off other bottlenecks. And delivery companies planned well, hired enough people and built enough warehouses to avoid being crushed by a deluge of packages at the last minute, as the Postal Service was last year.

The NYTimes article quotes Satish Jindel, president of ShipMatrix, “The carriers have done their part. Consumers have done their part. When they work together, you get good results.”

Despite the ongoing issues with the supply chain and the prudent action of many Americans, the President and his primary spokesperson, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki, are deciding to take a victory lap anyway.

While celebrating that Americans have been able to buy gifts for Christmas, he said that the supply chain disruption that many were concerned about for Christmas simply didn’t happen.

President Joe Biden on Wednesday said warnings that supply chain disruptions could foil the plans of Christmas shoppers didn’t occur.

He touted increased store inventories and reductions in backlogs at critical ports, in a message timed for the holidays.

‘Earlier this fall, we heard a lot of dire warnings about supply chain problems leading to a crisis around the holidays,’ Biden said during a virtual meeting of his supply chain task force at the White House.

The president himself had called attention to problems in supply chains, and said he couldn’t promise every gift would be delivered on time. He touted administration actions to expand hours at ports and encourage hiring for more truck drivers.
Source: Daily Mail

The President said, “Today, retail inventories are up 3 percent from last year. inventories are healthy and on-shelf availability before the pandemic was about 91 percent. Today it’s at 90 percent — 90 percent,” he reiterated. “I’m sure you can go and find some shelf where it’s empty because particular sort of gifts are very popular, I don’t know. But 90 percent availability.”

That’s a lot of bunk coming out of that guy.

Now, it is pretty clear that this isn’t just a U.S. problem — global supply chains are all wonky with the way that governments have responded to the pandemic.

Admittedly, the Biden-Harris administration’s push to open the Port of Los Angeles 24/7 has made a difference, but that was well after the crisis had begun.

Even though the Vice President was warning about a problem with the supply chains in August, the administration didn’t really do much until mid-October after container ships were already piling up off the California coast. For a good chunk of that time, Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg was on parental leave and it’s unclear who was handling his portfolio.

There are also other things at play — the need for more truck drivers,  the eco-rules put in place in California that will affect truckers, and… the vaccine mandate that the President wants to impose on truckers.

Truckers don’t want to be forced to get the jab through Biden’s backdoor OSHA rule, and if it’s pushed, it would be catastrophic for an occupation that already has a high turnover rate because a whole lot of truckers will just walk away.

When questioned about the vax mandate for truckers, the President said he didn’t think it would hurt the supply chains.

When the supply chain crisis was brought up in press briefings in October, Circle Back Psaki made jokes about “the tragedy of the treadmill that’s delayed.”

What a condescending piece of work she is.

Psaki posted a tweet on Wednesday morning taking a jab at the many, many critics of the administration that warned about supply chain issues that have gone on for months.

The story she linked to… is the one cited at the beginning of this article that said that it was largely the behavior of consumers and retailers that kept the shelves stocked and not primarily the administration’s actions.

It also said that the situation isn’t over.

That’s not to say the supply chain turmoil is over. About a hundred container ships are waiting off the West Coast to unload their cargo. Big-ticket items, such as new cars, are still hard to find because of a shortage of some critical parts like computer chips. And prices are up for all kinds of goods.
Source: New York Times

This confirms the NY Post report from a couple of weeks ago that container ships are still backlogged off the coast of California.

We know shortages are everywhere because we see empty shelves when we’re out shopping. But it’s also happening in unexpected places…

The New York Post also reported a few days ago about a shortage in candy canes. 

And Lord help you if you want to buy a gaming controller.

It shows just how out of touch this administration is with everyday Americans who still see some empty shelves in stores and are waiting for weeks or even months for large purchases like appliances to be delivered.

But you can always count on the Let’s Go Brandon! administration to gaslight and steal credit when they clearly made the situation worse at the beginning… and may make it worse still if with the OSHA vaccine mandate.

It’s just like how they wanted credit for the mass evacuation from Afghanistan… without acknowledging that they had bungled the withdrawal so horribly that desperate people died and Americans were left behind.

WTF? Biden-Harris White House Wants Kudos From Media For The Handling Of Afghanistan Pull-Out

This administration is awful.

But then, look who they’ve put as their leader.

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