COVID Outbreak on 100% Vaxxed Ship: Should Unvaxxed Military Get Their Jobs Back?

Written by Wes Walker on December 27, 2021

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There are (at least) two rival explanations for why veterans lost their jobs for refusing the vaccine… and the justifiable reason just had a big hole blown through it.

The military, despite any protestations of the hard left, has one primary objective. To remain a lethal enough force that (a) other countries will think long and hard before picking a fight with us and (b) that it can protect both the American homeland — and our interests elsewhere — by hitting our adversaries with the kind of on-demand overwhelming force that gives teeth to any threats we make through diplomacy.

One of the arguments for insisting that veterans accept this vaccine, despite any reservations about it, or shortcomings, was their failure to get vaccinated would affect combat readiness of their unit, and possibly expose them to a debilitating illness that could knock them offline.

With examples of navy vessels like the USS Theodore Roosevelt or USS Michael Murphy, among others, being knocked for a loop by the virus before the vaccines were available, there may have been a logical argument for insisting that all veterans get ‘the jab’.

But after less than 2 years of the virus being unleashed on the planet, we are already on the latest of numerous iterations, and each one, not surprisingly, carries different properties.

The new properties of this latest version might be argument enough for those who were fired for refusing the vaccine, but nothing else might be a valid argument for getting their jobs back.

Case in point the 4th Fleet made the following statement.

Naval Station Guantanamo Bay- USS Milwaukee (LCS 5) a Freedom variant littoral combat ship, remains in port as a result of a portion of the crew testing positive for COVID-19.

The crew is 100% immunized and all COVID-19 positive Sailors are isolated onboard and away from crew members. A portion of those infected have exhibited mild symptoms. The vaccine continues to demonstrate effectiveness against serious illness.

The specific COVID variant has yet to be determined and all CDC guidelines are being followed to include contact tracing and testing protocols.

The ship is following an aggressive mitigation strategy in accordance with Navy and CDC guidelines.

The Milwaukee departed on Dec. [14] for its regularly scheduled deployment to the U.S. 4th Fleet area of operations. The ship is currently in port Naval Station Guantanamo Bay for a scheduled port visit. — Source: USNI news

Nice of them to throw in that statement about vaccines and ‘serious illness’, but it kinda looks like this variant doesn’t carry the same scary symptoms that conviced the world to shut down over the earlier ones. The vaccinated may be having less severe symptoms, but the same could be said about unvaccinated people.

If that is indeed the case, what is the rationale for not welcoming the unvaccinated back into the armed services so that their years of service and experience are not wiped out?

That would depend on the reason they were fired in the first place. If they were fired purely for reasons of military readiness, there doesn’t seem to be any serious impediment to welcoming them back — especially if they can be shown, as in the case of the policies of European countries — to have gained natural immunity.

Hell, if this variant of the virus is as mild as they say, it might even be worth considering letting people who are afraid of the vaccine (which is admittedly ‘leaky’) to volunteer themselves for deliberate exposure to the Omicron variant itself, get sick, get better, and be welcomed back into active service.

But there is a far less ‘noble’ reason for Biden and his Woke military staff to insist on the exclusion of unvaccinated veterans.

Remember that infamous ‘Obama Purge’ of dozens of officers when he was in the White House? Between firing leaders who don’t line up with the Democrat agenda, and giving veterans unwilling to get the COVID vaccine the pink slip, that would go a long way to helping the left hijack the Military in the way they have already hijacked the FBI, the CIA, and various other branches of government so that it’s working as a permanent class working to further the agenda of one political party while working to obstruct and harm the other.

If THAT is what’s really going on here, the threat to democracy is NOT from the right.

It is part of revolutionary Socialist Gramsci’s longstanding plan on how to topple Western Nations from within:

Gramsci further emphasized the role of a political party to assume leadership and philosophical direction of all these civil society alliances. Additionally, and critically, one of the main goals of the party would be to place foot soldiers in the revolutionary war of position in actual state institutions, as well, such as legal institutions, police, councils, and influential bureaucracies. There needs to be established a foundation of socialists upon which to run the apparatus of the state once its overthrow was complete, Gramsci argued. —FEE