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Pocahontas Weaponizes Government — Sends SEC Against Trump’s Tech Startup

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Have you noticed a pattern yet? Democrats exploit every opportunity to leverage the machinery of government to strengthen their party and weaken their rivals.

The same people who made Trump out to be a tinpot dictator for saying Hillary should face criminal charges and a trial for specific criminal offenses about the handling of classified information have been on a vendetta to personally destroy Trump since before he even took office.

They made a white paper on exactly HOW to destroy and undermine him when he was still ‘President-elect’. That plan included attacking right-of-center alternative media, having a continuous drip of negative press, and pushing for his impeachment. Does any of that sound familiar? Media Matters War Plan 2017

Trump survived Crossfire Hurricane (but his majority didn’t), he survived the Mueller Report, faced TWO impeachment attempts, he had various groups come together to ‘fortify’ an election for Joe Biden to oust him from office, and he had Big Tech pull down his entire online presence.

Since he left office hostile prosecutors have been looking for every conceivable angle to get him for, well, something.

Remember the left’s taunt back then? If you don’t like it, build your own social media.

So Trump did exactly that. He has taken his time out of office to build his own network. And what is the immediate response of the Democrats..?

Shut it down.

The Massachusetts Democrat urged the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission to investigate the Trump Media & Technology Group’s merger agreement with Digital World Acquisition Corp., a special purpose acquisition company or SPAC.

…“I have frequently spoken about the need to hold public officials accountable for lawbreaking and ethics violations. This includes the former president, who is not above the law,” Ms. Warren wrote in the letter. “The reports that DWAC may have violated securities laws and harmed investors during its acquisition of Trump Media and Technology Group are deeply troubling and provide an opportunity for the SEC to follow through on its commitment to investigate wrongdoing and fraud in the SPAC space.”

She asked the SEC to inform her by Nov. 29 about whether the agency was investigating Mr. Trump’s group. The SEC declined to comment when asked on Friday about Ms. Warren’s letter. — WashingtonTimes

This might be a good time to point out that even Biden-friendly WaPo has shared concerns about the influence of Big Tech their administration. “Dozens of top Biden administration officials have professional ties to Big Tech that could raise questions about the administration’s willingness to get tough on Silicon Valley.”

Why might we distrust her motives in this case? Because we think Democrats LIKE protecting their monoply on the media, especially since they have directly benefitted from media manipulation like the suppression of news about Hunter’s laptop just days before the election.

Some conservatives fear Ms. Warren’s actions are an attempt to kill conservative alternatives to big tech companies in the crib before they have a chance to compete.

“The last thing we need to do is have Trump-deranged politicians like Elizabeth Warren send federal regulators on political fishing expeditions that would have the effect of crushing start-up competitors to the trillion-dollar big tech monopolists — Google, Amazon, Facebook and Apple — that are shuttering small businesses and canceling conservatives,” said Mike Davis, founder of the conservative Internet Accountability Project. — WashingtonTimes

There’s also, for some reason, clear evidence of personal animosity against Trump on the part of Pocahontas, too.

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