WATCH: Pro-Life Ad Sounds Just Like Reality — ‘Abortion Rights Are Pro-Choice Men’s Rights’

Written by K. Walker on December 15, 2021

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The pro-abortion activists aren’t going to like this…

Every pro-abortion march has activists with signs or shouting slogans that suggest that opposition to abortion is “misogyny” and just men exerting their will over a women’s body. The arguments that say banning abortion would have women endure “forced pregnancy” and “forced birth” diminishes the role women have in becoming pregnant. The vast majority of pregnancies that result in abortions are not due to rape and incest as activists claim, but are the result of consensual sexual acts that result in a life being created. But activists would rather shift the focus to the fringe cases rather than face the fact that millions of innocent babies are being killed for the convenience of both the woman and the man who brought a life into the world but didn’t want to be encumbered with caring for that life.

For years pro-choice activists have said that men should be quiet about abortion because it’s a “women’s issue” about a “woman’s body.”

That’s only partly true — it’s also about a baby’s life, and men have a role in bringing about that life.

It’s been nearly 50 years since the Supreme Court discovered the right to kill an unborn child in the “penumbras” and “emanations” of the Constitution, and millions of children have been murdered in the womb. It’s a vile thing that the left defends with a religious-like fervor.

And suddenly, now that the balance has shifted on the Supreme Court, there’s panic amongst the pro-aborts.

With the Supreme Court taking on the Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, Roe v. Wade and the follow-up, Planned Parenthood v. Casey could both be overturned. It’s a long shot, but it’s possible and making the pro-aborts very antsy and they’re ramping up the hysteria and vilification.

The Pro-Life organization Live Action decided to highlight what the pro-choice lobby doesn’t want to discuss… how abortion benefits men.

Their new satirical #ProChoiceMen campaign tackles the myth that opposition to abortion is “misogyny” and flips it on its head.

The ad begins by discussing how abortion laws are under threat in America — presumably by GOP-led state legislatures, and with conservative-leaning justices on the Supreme Court willing to hear cases that limit the scope of abortion.

The men lay out their case, “Abortion rights are pro-choice men’s rights.”

“I deserve to be free from any responsibility for some girl I get pregnant,” says one man wearing a shirt that reads, “Husbands and Fathers are Beta Males.”

“I deserve to enjoy sex without commitment, marriage, or parenthood,” says another.

A third declares, “It’s ridiculous to think that just because I’m the father, I’m expected to be a dad.”

“It’s her body and her choice… so don’t be asking me for anything,” says a fourth man.

It’s brilliant.

Interestingly, shortly after Live Action debuted the ad, Kaivan Shroff, a 28-year old wrote an opinion piece titled, “Men like me benefit from safe abortion access.” Satire met reality in a way that was just *chef’s kiss* perfect.

Live Action showed how Shroff sounds just like the #ProChoiceMen in their ad.

“Pro-choice” man (Schroff): “At 28, after 10 years of college and multiple graduate schools, in many ways, it feels like my life is just about to begin.”

#ProChoiceMen translates: “Abortion has allowed [me to] … stay home and chase my dream of becoming a professional gamer, comedian, and social media influencer.”

“Pro-choice” man (Schroff): “I admit I’m scared of what eliminating access to abortion would mean for my own life.”

#ProChoiceMen translates: “The other side will point out that abortion kills a human being. But my right to impregnate a woman and then leave her in the dust outweighs the baby’s right to life.”

It’s difficult to spot the difference between the positions there.

It’s not just in their reluctance to deal with the reality of abortion and who it benefits that’s the problem, though. The left’s stitched-together worldview — much like the early monster movie depictions of Frankenstein’s monster — is ugly and doesn’t fit together very well.

In recent years, the left has decided to embrace a new gender ideology that tosses aside biology in favor of “identity.” Words and belief are all that’s needed to transform a man into a woman and vice versa — even without hormones and surgery. Women are (ironically) reduced to biological function and are referred to by the dehumanizing terms “menstruators” or “people with a cervix/uterus/womb.” This has caused some problems with the left’s worldview of women needing special protections, though many don’t seem to recognize it yet.

It comes to a head when organizations for women — sports, rape crisis centers, and beauty pageants — are suddenly bringing in men who identify as women to be treated as women.

The radical new gender ideology also insists on asserting the ridiculous notion that “men can get pregnant”. Unfortunately, that means that despite all of the years of the feminist movement saying that men need to stay silent about abortion because it’s a “women’s issue”… it’s no longer just a “women’s issue” and men can and should be able to voice their opinion on abortion, otherwise, it wouldn’t be “progress.”

So, here we are.

Live Action is highlighting how scumbag men who want to use women for sex and dodge responsibility can do so freely because abortion-on-demand is accessible, legal, and (horrifically) with few limits in the United States.

While advocates for abortion have moved from “safe, legal, and rare” in the 1990s to “shout your abortion” in the 2010s, and dismiss abstinence education or any suggestion that sex shouldn’t be treated like a handshake, perhaps limiting the scope of abortion will make some people think twice about engaging in acts that could cause a new life if they’re not “ready” to care for that life.

Imagine, promoting taking responsibility for your actions! Why are pro-abortion activists so adamantly against that?

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