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WATCH: Rogan & Jocko NUKE Corporate Media Narratives — ‘The Swamp Is Real’

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When Fox News or Breitbart attacks their narrative, corporate media doesn’t sweat it. But when it’s someone with reach like Joe Rogan? Game Changer.

Corporate media has been working overtime with their buddies in Big Tech and the government to find creative ways to shut down any news that hurts the Blue Team. When it’s the right talking amongst themselves, they don’t care because the message is trapped in an echo chamber.

It’s only when that message escapes into the wild that the left starts sweating.

It would be harder to paint a bigger nightmare scenario for the left than the largest podcaster on the planet roasting all their favorite sacred cows, and ripping their Democrat talking points to ribbons. And that nightmare has come to life for them.

The right loves Rogan not because he’s a registered Republican — he’s not even close — but because he’s a ridiculously bright guy who digs WAY into the research on any topic he takes an interest in. He has zero interest in talking points from the left OR the right.

But when they accused him of using ‘horse dewormer’ to (very successfully treate his COVID) and called Larry Elder the ‘black face of white supremacy’, he understood that the media no longer has a mission to inform the public, but to manipulate them.

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Joe had Jocko Willink, another badass with no tolerance for bulls**t, on his show and they were talking about bulls**t media narratives. The lined up a lot of them and started knocking them down like bowling pins.

To show you this isn’t just a one-off, heres 60 seconds another show in which Joe slams big tech over suppressing the Hunter laptop. The problem, he says, with demonizing conspiracy theorists is that ‘some conspiraricies are real’.

Here’s a clip in which Joe does a lot of the talking and covers bogus media narratives or suppression of inconvenient stories ranging from Hunter’s laptop and ‘racist’ Kyle Rittenhouse, to Russian Collusion, Pelosi insider trading, vaccine passports and voter id.

Jocko Willink weighs in too, hitting — among other things — the known and established facts that could lead a fair-minded Trump-supporter to have realistic and reasonable doubts about the election results.

They even get into how insider Democrats obviously made some kind of an executive decision about which candidate they were going to throw their support behind in the primaries.

The left doesn’t want any of us talking about these sorts of narrative-busting ideas.

Because if a mainstream non-partisan guy starts shining a light on the truth, they’re all screwed.

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