EQUITY: Hollywood Becoming The Canary In The Coal Mine For Biden’s Woke Policies

Written by Wes Walker on January 12, 2022

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The pin was pulled with OscarsSoWhite. The grenade was finally thrown during the BLM riots of 2020. Now, the inevitable explosion has done its damage… to Hollywood.

Have you noticed that DC and Hollywood tends to attract so many of the same sorts of people? Cultural shapeshifters who can become whoever they need to be in order to get the power, status, or money they so desperately crave?

The sort of people who might sell out their own mother in order to climb that next rung on the ladder?

Is it any wonder that both were early adopters of the Woke ideology? There were ways to leverage it for advantage over the other guy, so long as you knew which way the winds were blowing and which interest groups were the cause celebré and which ones were yesterday’s news.

But the problem with building on a model of oppression is that every insider will eventually become an outsider as the goalposts keep shifting to keep up with the latest trends. Just ask the feminist icon Martina Navratilova who was once famous for being one of the first openly lesbian athletes and is now demonized as a ‘TERF‘. Related: LGBT Sports Group Dumps Navratilova For Saying, You Can’t ‘Have A P*nis And Compete As A Woman’

Hollywood is a lot further down the rabbit hole of ideological woke-ness than the rest of us. How’s the radical conformity to racial ‘equity’ agenda working out so far?

About as well as you might expect. The industry is devouring itself, and if these responses are any indicator, everybody’s living in fear of the next shoe to drop.

Howard Koch, who has been involved in the production of more than 60 movies, including such classics as ‘Chinatown’ and ‘Marathon Man,’ and is the former president of the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts & Sciences, said: ‘I’m all for LGBT and Native Americans, blacks, females, whatever minorities that have not been served correctly in the making of content, whether it’s television or movies or whatever, but I think it’s gone too far. I know a lot of very talented people that can’t get work because they’re not black, Native American, female or LGBTQ.’

Another writer, who, like most of the writers we interviewed, was afraid to speak openly for fear of never working again, said: ‘I get so paranoid about even phone calls. It’s so scary. My close friends and my family are just like, ‘Don’t say anything.’ It is one of those things, ‘Will I be able to sleep at night if I say anything?’ Getting jobs in this town is so hard, and I’m very grateful to have a great job. If there’s any so-called ding on my record, that would just be an argument against hiring me.’

It is, said Sam Wasson, the author of ‘The Big Goodbye: Chinatown and the Last Years of Hollywood,’ not so different from the McCarthy era, when everyone in Hollywood professed to believe something that they thought everyone outside Hollywood—the country, their audience—believed.

‘Hollywood was never anti-Communist,’ Wasson said. ‘It just pretended to be. In fact, Hollywood was never anti- or pro- anything. It was show business. There’s no morality here.’ — DailyMail

Hollywood was already corrupt, but now the advanced levels of woke corruption is dangerously parasitic. It’s been eating away at what they are and hollowing them out in the process. Between that and China kicking them to the curb once Hollywood has outlived its usefulness to Xi, there might soon be nothing left of what began as an amazing and uniquely American cultural institution.

The quote again was ‘There’s no morality here’. Sounds’ right. Tinseltown seems to be all about politics, prestige, and power. Just like D.C. … which brings us right back to Joe Biden.

The fake centrist Democrat has gone all-in with the hard-left ideology. He has replaced the old notion of ‘equality’ with the new activist version ‘equity’ where we shoehorn arbitrary percentages of this or that ‘oppressed’ class of people into any group, organization, or situation.

Biden’s appointees are all-in on this ideology and will be applying it to the government… meaning that only people who subscribe to those ideas will advance… meaning the permanent bureaucracy will lean further and further into being a complicit instrument of the political left, and entrenched against changes demanded by the ebbs and flows of changing priorities in different elections.

Unless we learn from our mistakes and pump the brakes on this crazy ‘equity’ fascination.

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