HILARIOUS: Biden’s Now So Bad That Even SNL Has Started Mocking Him (VIDEO)

Written by Wes Walker on January 17, 2022

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Dems have grown accustomed to being treated with kid gloves by their media allies. But they never learned the lesson of Hillary Clinton.

When you and your name are still useful to the cause, they will elevate and protect you. When you outlive that usefulness — or worse, become a liability — they will throw you under the campaign bus.

Remember when Harvey Weinstein’s past finally caught up to him when everyone was trying to use those pink hat marches to destroy Donald Trump? Journalists were openly admitting that Juanita Broaddrick’s allegations that Bill Clinton had raped her were probably legit.

Nobody would have DARED to say that before Hillary lost in 2016 because her political faction still held clout. But e winds changed, and she was no longer a protected class.

This SNL skit mocking Joe Biden’s mishandling of COVID, inflation, and pretty much every other aspect of his presidency would never have seen the light of day just a few months ago.

But with his popularity down to 33%? His protection seems to have lifted. Even Dems are treating him like a lame duck whose favor need not be curried, and whose wrath need not be feared.

Even playing on the same team isn’t offering protection. Does this mean even the Democrats are starting to signal that they no longer see him as ‘one of us’?

Now that he has served his purpose as ‘not-Bernie-Sanders’ smuggling a ‘moderate’ Trojan Horse into the White House to serve at the pleasure of a hard-left agenda, is he getting thrown under the bus too?

Awww, how sad for you. Thoughts and prayers. Just maybe not the kind HE’s thinking of…

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